• Is out today. Anyone else grabbed it on the 360-o-tron?

    I wish it was on a console or a computer that didn't sound like a hoover but so far, so fairly pretty good actually.

  • Watched the husband play the demo earlier today (will play it myself in a day or two) and I must say, the usage of plane shifts amused me. I *love* the music and the sound effects, so much so that I'm wondering how to obtain all that lovely noise in a standalone format for my listening pleasure :)

  • Yes, Fez is indeed brill. Trying to stay away from the internet so that I can discover the secrets myself but not sure how long that will last :) The music reminds me very much of Vangelis synth work from Blade Runner but in a chippy style for some reason and that can only be a good thing.

    ***EDIT - Wasn't quick enough with the link. ***
  • Nice music indeed - made me quite envious when I had a listen
  • It looks nice, but no PC release = no buy. :-(
  • Taking this slowly but this is fucking mad. How big is it?

    Every time I think "that's it, I've finished that area" there's another door leading off elsewhere. It's insane.

    And the puzzles! Just got the cryptographer achievement too. That's well cheeky but it made me laugh at the balls of it.

    Don't think I'll be going for the full ending, I'll settle on the 32 and be content, if I manage that. On 20 right now but I know I can't be arsed translating anything or doing stuff like that. Happy enough jumping around rotating things. With an owl.
  • Is this the game made by the dude everyone was getting pissed off at? :D For a blog post or something or rather? It does look extremely cool
  • Yeah, but I think a lot of it is overhang from various other things as well and that's just straw/camelsback and OH NO, DON'T SLAG OFF JAPANESE VIDEOGAME lunacy.

    Got to one ending of this. You know what, it's pretty but I don't think I actually enjoyed any of that apart from the opening and end sequences.

    No spoilers really but just to be on the safe side...


    I didn't mind it, it held my interest but I'd be hard pressed to say anything more about the game itself. Graphics and sound are obviously really luscious and it's worth it for the day/night cycle but there's just something, I dunno, -flat- about it all. No pun intended.

    It sorta sits in the middle of something, I don't know what but yeah. I don't get off on ciphers and code cracking and I don't think that's anything especially clever or interesting design-wise either. That's a good proportion of the none-platform game stuff and the platform game stuff isn't actually up to much interesting.

    Which means that once you get past the fact it's at times absolutely gorgeous and the soundtrack is never anything but excellent, there's not much left. It wants to walk this sort of Nintendo does Kubrick-y path and there's moments where it does but from one ending alone, that's twice in a game. It's a fantastic twice in the game, don't get me wrong!

    The rest feels ragged out, navigating round the map a fucking nightmare and just all so empty. Like a hall of crosswords or something. It's not clinical enough to be that sort of stark beauty, it's not beautiful enough or filled with any sort of heart to be that sort of beauty and it's mechanically stunted after about 5 minutes when the rotation stuff has been played out. Which leaves exploration... and that's fine! That's ok and I'd be happy to tootle around if only... if only things felt less like an art gallery or collection of puzzle pages from the newspaper stapled to walls and more like a world. Even a videogame world, y'know?

    But it's not bad and for a two man team, it's damn impressive in size. But size is what it mainly is.

    I'm glad I played it and played it through this far but by about 20 cubes, I'd had more than enough. Ragging it up to 32 was getting boring and I honestly can't conceive of the day I'd ever try and push up to 64.

    So in some ways it's a must play. It's certainly something I'd recommend everyone look at at least once in their gaming existence and as I say, the day/night cycle is wonderful but nope. Possibly it's because Nintendo isn't my history, possibly I'm just not in the right mood right now. I think some of the former definitely but nah, Fez is what it is and it's a thing that's worth seeing but not necessarily worth playing through.

  • That seems to sum it up pretty good.
  • Not buying it - I don't have internet for the Xbox and Rob's review matches my concerns that it's probably not the Second Coming of Christ it was hyped to be.

    I'll save my dosh for something else...

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