The What You Coding Thread
  • Cool.

    I had something similar with DinoDefense. Archers were only supposed to attack flying dinos, but I found that they do also (appropriately) attack normal dinos if they are close enough. Self preservation eh? Got to love it! =D
  • Only taken me all day, but finally got there ;)

    Now with authentic BBC MICRO style colour clash ;) (BBC Micro sprites werent normal (well not until its dying days they werent) In order for them to display a sprite they would XOR a graphic onto the screen, then, to erase it they would simply re-XOR it again, hence the colour change in the background)
  • Im having to cheat a bit in order to squeeze my willy into an 8x16 block ...

    But its amazing what you can achieve ;)
  • Poor old Willy - his head is on backwards!
  • Ian said:

    Poor old Willy - his head is on backwards!

    Thats only because I havent got around to defining the reverse graphics ! Doy you know how hard it is to add 128+64+16+8+2+1 etc 8 times for 4 blocks ! I am doing this old skool you know ... defining the UDGs the hard way.

    Least old Betpets thread came in handy :) (The one about miner willys jumping !)
  • I used to do UDGs like that myself on the CPC. Ah, the goode olde days =D
  • I remember changing the gooey blob graphics on Chaos in much the same way... Gooey Knob was an awesome spell! ;o)
  • Oh crap, a bunch of journos and ad people are going to start writing 'apps'...
  • Good! Everyone should learn to code.
  • My first full game using GLB (free version) is now pretty much finished barring any bugs - was going to include a few more features but due to time / exams and basically getting bored with it (its taken me a year to get this far!). The attached pic is from a slightly earlier build.

    Basically, its a Victorian / Steampunk themed puzzle game where you have to align all the pipes to supply gas to the gaslamps. Each pipe piece is rotatable but cannot otherwise be moved.

    20 levels, and once these are completed it opens up the Freeplay mode.

    Mouse controlled

    Downloadable from here:

    Feedback appreciated
    gaslight.jpg 167K

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