Christ on a bike! Diablo III is available to pre-order...
  • .. for £44.99 on





    Who in their right mind would pay that?
  • This is the future for most games released on proprietary stores that aren't Steam. Origin will do this, does this, won't be long before Acti cave once the console goldrush of CoD ends for them.

    Don't support this shit with money, folks.

  • I have no intention of doing so. At least you can buy the units and activate on so there are currently ways of getting around it but for how long? I paid about £20 for Starcraft 2 from Amazon and it's still £35-£40 direct from Blizzard.

    In all fairness, SC2 is pretty impressive but not that impressive!
  • 45 quid is mental.
    I really want to play Diablo 3 but no £45 want to play it.

    Last game I paid top dollar in years for was Skyrim at £35 and that stung like a mother fucker lol.

    Origin can eff off.
    There's bound to be a lot of mass effect 3 sales they've lost out on due to that if.
    They lost one here.

    When they realise it was a shit idea and come crawling back to steam, I'll grab it ;)
  • Wot Scotty said - in fact I still havent got Skyrim for that very reason.

    SC2 was good, but frankly fuck all replayability if youre not into the multiplayer. Suspect D3 will be the same. Blizzard have really gone down the tubes since Activiion took over - It shows through in WoW something chronic too.
  • Think i paid 35 for Skyrim too but i rarely go over my self imposed £20 ceiling. If price remains high and i really want it then its ebay or amazon "used" that i will go for. The only reason Skyrim got £35 spent on it was the love of oblivion and fallout3 and i knew i'd get my moneys worth from it. Racked up 180 hours when that platinum dinged.
  • I'll shove my money at Torchlight 2 instead. Because I don't have to be connected to the internet to play it singleplayer.
  • Maupin said:

    I'll shove my money at Torchlight 2 instead. Because I don't have to be connected to the internet to play it singleplayer.



  • I want to play D3 but not for £45. We'll see what deals are around. Wish I hadn't cancelled my pre-order many moons ago at £24.95
  • I wonder what was cut at the last minute to push D3 out the door... and if said content will be sold later on as DLC ;)

    Oh, in semi-related news, Grim Dawn alpha footage (Diablolike from the people who did Titan Quest):

  • Yeah. At that price, I think the market is open for a DIII-a-like at reasonable prices.

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