Sniper City Shoot-Out
  • A city filled with snipers. The clock is ticking. The laser sights are shining. Who can save us? YOU!

    Get it here for all your shooting-people-in-windows needs.

    Supports headtracker controls. Make your games accessible people!

  • bug: after i start a game, press Esc twice, start the game anew, the game doesn't react to mouse movement and snipers don't appear. i can get it out of that state by pausing and unpausing with right-click

    these seems to be a huge difference between Extreme and Rampage: on Extreme, i borequit after scoring 65; on Rampage, i can't score 20
  • Oops, forgot to clear the paused flag. I'll update tonight.

    For extreme does it need more active snipers? It's current 10, if you want you can open the SETTINGS_grape.cfg file and add


    Rampage can have 100 snipers and they appear more quickly than Extreme, so yeah I guess 10 to 100 was too much of a difference.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • it seems to get a little harder (at least i get to see red lines now) but still not hard enough (tirequit after 163)
  • LOL. I can't get over 20 in extreme (I blame my trackball :). The complete list of settings that affect the difficult are
    So APPEAR_TIME is how long (milliseconds) between a new sniper being generated (if there are less that MAX active). SHOOT_TIME is how long after appearing before the sniper shoots. FLASH_TIME is when the gun flash will be drawn i.e. 9 seconds before they shoot. WARN_TIME is when to start drawing the laser i.e. for the last 5 seconds before they shoot.

    Rampage has shorted APPEAR (1-2 secs) and SHOOT (10-30) ranges. I'll leave the 50 and put the appear range to 2-3 seconds. That way you'll have an average of 1 second less between snipers appearing so hopefully they will build up closer to the 50 and give you some trouble.

    I'm currently adding more accessibility, oneswitch and proper config editing. With the config editing these will be changeable in game.
  • I love these, thx! I made a killer sniper game like this twice, lost 'em both to HDD crashes. Gay :P
  • Now updated to v1.00. Added ONESWITCH support and a configuration editor that lets you change loads of settings (the editor is also headtracker and oneswitch compatibile). If you really want you can turn on auto-zoom, auto-aim and auto-fire and the game plays itself :)

    New site as well
  • Fun Fact, looks like the devs at Arrowhead Games (Magicka) found the same scream sound effect that I did for their pre-alpha of The Showdown Effect.

    23 seconds in to the video.
  • Bit late to the party, but I've been busy, but that's really cool. :)

    Panic mode really kicks in when you can't see the sniper, just their laser sight...
  • RobF said:


    (It's this)

    LMAO! I had no idea. I sat and listened to friggin' loads of screams before I picked that one.

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