EA are still as evil as ever, then...
  • Has everyone seen this?


    Original source - http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/02/27/all-the-mass-effect-3-dlc-costs-how-much/

    Have emailed the Advertising Standards Authority.

    TL:DR - EA set up site for Mass Effect, site links to actual UK government petition website. Very naughty and a waste of time and taxpayer money to promote a game...
  • I can beat the cost of the DLC with my purchase of BioShock 2 on PS3. My wife crashed our car into a bollard when she sneezed while reversing after going out to buy the game for me. That game cost me about a grand+ in increased insurance premiums over the last few years.

    As for the petition scandal, FFS... Did this guy never doubt that EA were shit? We've all read things like this for donkey's years. Caff, hitm4n and a few others (as well as myself) attended a Coders Workshop meet in Doncaster a good number of years ago and there was a Q&A session - most of it was dominated by negative feedback about EA. Apparently, their practices back then (and probably now still) were even worse than you read about in the gaming press... Horrendous.
  • Charges $10 for used copies to play online, claiming used copies require increased server support, when in fact each used copy is only being used by one person at a time who may as well be that copy's original purchaser.

    Shuts down servers anyway.

  • Seeing as Electronic Arts is an anagram of "Rectal or incest", no matter what, you`re all f*cked !
  • On one hand I don't understand why it bothers people so much if there's DLC out on day one; does it make the game you paid for any less of a game? Unless they promised things in the game's advertising that actually require the DLC, what's the issue? You don't know what's actually on the disk anyway. It could be half empty or filled up with pictures of Rolf Harris eating a tuna sandwich.

    On the other hand it's infuriating to pay (frankly a lot of money) for a game and have the developer standing their with their hand out expecting further payment. I've bought your game, I don't want to sign up for some stupid online service, I don't want to watch adverts, I just want to play the game I've just forked out hard cash for, so get out of my way!
  • I think it depends if the DLC is actually on the disc already and is just being unlocked (in other words you've already bought the data but it just needs a premium to unlock it), or if it's stuff that was genuinely created after the game had shipped.

    I think that's the biggest bugbear for punters.

    But at the end of the day the DLC is optional. Nobody is forcing users to buy the extra stuffage; it's their choice and their money. Users should know exactly what they are getting when they buy the stuff; if not, what are they doing chucking money at these companies?
  • You don't know what's actually on the disk anyway. It could be half empty or filled up with pictures of Rolf Harris eating a tuna sandwich.

    Damn I always wondered what else was on the disc. Now I know. I think I would like it to be filled with Rolf Harris eating a tuna sandwich rather than DLC. But thats me.

    It could be that or Bamber Gascoine naked eating a pork pie. What do I know
  • Whether or not it's on the disc makes no difference.
    The original retail-shareware release of Quake had Doom, Wolfenstein, and the Commander Keen series on the disc. But that's not what you bought. You bought the first world of Quake. If you wanted more you had to buy it as well.
    Same thing applies to disc-based X360 games. They can put whatever they want on the disc, doesn't mean you're entitled to it. You're entitled to what they sold you, that's all.

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