Dear Esther
  • Does anyone have any idea what the fuck is going on?

    Nice visuals though :)
  • By all accounts, absolutely nothing. It's a rambling simulator set on a deserted island isn't it?
  • There is some kind of plot on there. Was looking more for things to see or hear really
  • Dearest Her.

    Try as I might, the internalised feeling that overcomes me at these times, is that...
    That, despite such stunning visual complexity.
    And, despite the haunting echoes of gulls in flight.
    The overarching feeling of being in a Radio Four play is, unshakeable.

    Hold me, Esther. Hold, me. *puts back of hand to brow*
  • Still, I'm properly gutted that there isn't a Steam Forum for it. Would love to see the comments on there. Time to comparison to CoD4MW in 3...2...

    Which oddly, still offers less freedom than Dear Esther, which is essentially a story that offers less choice than a Fighting Fantasy novel. :o)

    Also like to add that that isn't a slur against R4 plays. The one they did about the lighthouse crew was brill.
  • Yeah, would like to see some of the feedback and maybe get a few more hints as to that the blithering fuck is going on
  • I played the mod of this. I quite liked it, til I learned the quotes were just random and thrown at you so there was zero point or meaning behind any of it.

    Not sure if that's the same with this one.
  • I don't think it really needs a meaning. You can draw one (and I drew my own from the journey I got played and I'm very happy with my own reading) but it's more about the slow, ambling journey across the island, the pretty much perfect melding of noise and pictures and how that makes -you- feel, surely?

    Which can be anything from awed to bored, right? I'm in the former, I thought it was a beautiful piece of work and as it wrestled control from me for the final moments, I sat back and let it as the music soared. Manipulative to a tee, obvious from the moment you step through the fence that there's only one way now but as it ramped up and up, it just worked for me and felt complete.

    Jim's totally right with the Radio4 play thing, mind - but that's ok, I'm used to ghost stories being delivered in a Radio4 kind of way.

    Best purchase of the year so far for me. Absolutely fucking *loved* it.
  • and I'm very happy with my own reading

    Gosh, that sounds a bit smug, "very content" would be more fitting, I think.

    Alec's pretty much nailonheaded it here for the most part although we diverge at the point of control wrested. Can't have everything though, right?
  • I like it. Like some others have said it's just an interactive experience. They don't all have to be games. I like things like this when I'm in the right mood.

    For this one, the right mood was sick as fuck with a fever/flu or something :P didn't want to play anything hardcore so this helped pass the time

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