IGF stuff at GameCityNights
  • Hello all

    Been a while since I posted on here, but we've got an IGF focused GameCityNights* event this month on the 23rd that I just had to share with you. All of the details are here - http://nights.gamecity.org/2012/02/08/gamecitynights-season-3-episode-2/

    Quick breakdown - headlined by the always brilliant Paul Taylor, he'll be taking us through Frozen Synapses' creation and flurry of nominations. From the Desk of guests - Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint and team Lucky Frame, creators of Pugs Luv Beats, both IGF finalists. Silly competitions, awesome prizes, full stocked bar (Rob and Min can confirm how much more awesome this makes the evening).

    Oh, and you! Every Nights has eight spaces for indie devs to show work for free. You also get free entry to the evening and we'll profile your game on our site in the run up to the event. Email me here to book or just inquire about things chris(at)gamecity(dot)org

    *For those new to GameCityNights, or even GameCity *gasp* - we're an annual videogame culture festival, and we also do monthly events, with a big focus on indie devs.
  • I'm hoping to get down for this one!
  • As a friend to GameCity (and the blackmail material you're still hanging over our heads) I'll stick you on the guest list. I emailed you a few days ago about it.
  • I was going to go but am now car less again so it's a no no.

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