Space Invaders Clone In Flash
  • Just a quickie I rustled up today to see how easy the MMF flash exporter was to use and tack on high scores.
    Turns out not that hard :D.

    Jut a basic level where I crank up the speed and fire rate every wave.
    Your score is added to the online scoreboatd.

    Anyway, if you feel like whiling away approx 120 seconds of your life, you can below :D.
  • thats a little tougher than it looks :-)
  • Just managed just over 600k in a test run there.
    It's well beatable but I died at a silly stray bullet and lost my multiplier!

    The guy who wrote it is clearly a prick!
  • The main thing is that your exercise in exporting to flash is fantastic. I'm impressed with this :)

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