It's that time again...... 1 level/1 screen Xmas Minicomp
  • .....right, paste your chrimbo game links in here. I see people are resurrecting their old chrimbo releases on their sites. Get them in here :D.

    On top of that, a square of chocolate mini challenge is for those who can be arsed.
    So let me announce the "Hey there's only one level in this Christmas game" mini mini competition!
    Does anyone have a kid who will be willing to play the games and judge them for us? After all, it's all about the children isn't it.

    Rules -

    1. Make a NEW Chrimbo retro game. Space Invaders with a Santa hat does not constitute as a festive game :)
    2. It only has one level/screen.
    3. Family friendly please - that means you're banned Scottige! ;)
    4. It has to be released by the 22nd of December, so that it can be judged in time. If we can get a kid judge that is. :)

    Go for it, I know you want to!

  • I have an idea but I dunno if I'm going to have time to do it.

    I'll see how it goes though, not saying no quite so easily.
  • Hey, even I'm going to blow the dust off my tools (ooer) and have a go!

  • LOL@rule 3!

    Sounds a larf.
    I may actually bung something together for this.
  • Microsoft stole my idea. Sort of.

    I was going to suggest a defender style game, with two fire buttons. One to drop a present (which must be refilled via elven workshops) and one to shit reindeer poo (which is refilled via bags of sparkly oats left out by children).

    Now, you have to fly over houses, which as they get closer display "GOOD" or "BAD". You drop presents down the chimney of good houses and shit down the chimney of bad ones.

    Add in Typhoon jets trying to take you out of the skies for invading UK airspace and flak barrages... All set.

    Oh, and at the end of a level, Santa drinks some more brandy so the controls get progressively sluggisherer. Which could also give the power up of "Santa Vomit" for truly evil children.

    All in glowy red, gold and green fake vector graphics. With white snow. Obv.

    Edit. Could also do strafing runs on naughty children running around outside past bedtime with Blitzen's explosive durchfall. :oD "HIT SPACE" *plupluplupluplup*

    Fuck you James and Zara. *That's* a fecking pitch!
  • Or just "Santa vs Jesus : The Festive Smackdown"
  • Ah... "Family Friendly"...

  • Depends on what part of the country you live in Smegs. I'm sure it would be as popular as Angry Birds where I reside :D
  • Neat. Bastards. Stop doing compos. I'm in.
  • Family friendly. Really? This is RR and I have an idea for a game that has a couple (or more) things in it that *might not be considered "family friendly"

    May have to rethink a few of my ideas.

    * "Might"="definitely would"
  • Would a text adventure cound as one level/screen?
    And is it possible for me to learn a coding language in the space of a few days?


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