Pascal as a programming tool ?
  • Anyone here tried using any of the free Pascal compilers (FPC,Lazurus) to write games?

    I programmed Pascal a million years ago so maybe its worth looking at

    Hedgewars was programmed in Pascal supposedly
  • I used Pascal a couple of hundred years ago too. Wrote a couple of snippets in it. Then moved on to Div, which had a Pascal+Basic+C style syntax. Used "Turbo Pascal" back then.

    Is Pascal really worth bothering with nowadays?
  • Shame Smayds isnt around nowdays...all his stuff was in Pascal (if I remember righlty)
  • I used Pascal for years (made quite a few little games with it), but I don't think I'd go back. C syntax is common among so many languages now, it just makes more sense to me.
  • Delphi is generally used if you want to use Pascal these days. Borland's development arm became Embarcadero leaving us with this:

    Free/open source alternatives are probably available too
  • I used Borland Pascal a lot, some 10 years ago (or more), but never considered using it to develop games.

    I'm still regularly using Delphi for applications, but it's been a long time since I considered using it for games - there are so many easier ways of doing it these days. ..depending on what you'd want to do, of course.
  • Delphi ! Thats what I couldn`t remeber. Yeah, Smayds did Veck and Veck 2 in Delphi (amongst other things)
  • I agree. Even .NET is free to develop with these days using Visual Studio Express and the XNA framework being free and easy to download.
  • C# is kind of the modern successor to Delphi as they were both invented by the same guy (can't remember his name)
  • Apparently, it was Tim Langdell.
  • Aside from some pointerisms, Pascal is essentially the same as C, only more verbose.
    Big difference being nobody has written any libraries of useful graphics functions and etc. for any flavor of Pascal that I'm aware of.

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