XComogeddon: Com Hardest
  • http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/03/xcom-the-comeback-the-trailer/

    I am super excited. The comments make me sad for humanity.

  • There's just one problem with this game - we have to wait until March next year for it :(
  • I know! I figured with the (admittedly wise given misplaced nerd rage) radio silence, it'd be a bit further along. Given unless MS or Ruffian announce something new, my new non-indie release radar is pretty empty. There's nowt on my horizon for the rest of this year bar Saints Row 3 now.

    Apart from Half Life 2: Episode 3 which is clearly out soon! #shutupatthebackitisitisitus
  • There's always Gears Of War 3 Bob ;) :P
  • After Gears 1 went so well? Nah ;)
  • Oh shit, there's Child Of Eden too. Mustn't forget that.
  • ironically, im playing the Xcom games again atm (damn you Steam and your £8.99 bundle deal).

    The new one looks pretty damn sexy, but I have to say that Enemy Unknown really hasnt lost any of its charm (or frustration).
  • The phrase "you like the iso games so much, why don't you fuck off and play them instead of whinging on an FPS game's comment section?" springs to mind. Shit moves on. IPs get used for all kinds of stuff. If it's a good game, it's a good game.
  • reminds me of the whinging over Xcom Enforcer - never played it at release, what a fun game.
  • Stuff like this always reminds me of two things.

    One, there was a piece in The Times just after Whacko snuffed it on how fans can be suffocatingly bad for people as they'll shape whatever selfishly around their vision and allow no deviation and two, Cornell's piece on "there is no canon in Who". Because there isn't and asking for a slavish devotion to a fan created ruleset is a bit off when the show itself has nearly 50 years of playing fast and loose with things, making shit up as they go along when needed and outright contradicting stuff when necessary.

    XCom hasn't been what most "fans" see it as in how many years? Nothing is so precious as they'd have you believe and no lore is dictated down that must be obeyed.

    Enemy Unknown won't stop existing next March. Enemy Unknown is not a Bible. It's just a game. Let it go.

    More things would thrive, like Who has, if they weren't bound by false canonical demands and crushed under the weight if fan compliance for the slightest deviation from invented wisdom.

  • Kryten said:

    reminds me of the whinging over Xcom Enforcer - never played it at release, what a fun game.

    I love Enforcer. It's broken in so many daft ways but it's so wonderfully gleeful and silly that I can't see how anyone could hate it. At worst, mild indifference due to it being a PS1-esque take on SmashTV but the bonus levels alone are worth it.

    But PC games are serious business, I suppose.

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