The Retro Remakes Competition 2008 Entries

Retro Remakes Competition 2008 Entries and Downloads

Well, I guess that’s it. Another year and another competition come to a close. It’s been, as usual, remarkable to see the amount of time and effort that folks put into the competitions – and more so given that this year a fair portion of entrants took to the charity option with gusto, something we’re incredibly thankful for. That’s not to diminish the efforts of those who went for the more vanilla categories of course – you’re all utterly awesome and we love you all. But now, it’s time to hand over the fruits of the best part of 4 months labour over to the general public.

Naturally, this competition wouldn’t have been possible without the fine assistance of our sponsors who stumped up a massive, massive amount of goodies that are up for grabs. Massive thanks again to everyone who chucked something into the pot, it all goes to help make our competitions that little bit more awesome. Cheers folks.

This year, we divided the prizes between six categories to give more folks more chances to win nice things, as well as offering our usual array of grand prizes. What follows over the next couple of pages, as you can probably well guess are screenshots and downloads for each of the entries into the competition. We’d like to ask folks kindly to take their time over downloading stuff so as not to completely annihilate our servers from the face of the Earth. We have very understanding hosts but it’s no fun when no-one can access the site at all. If you do find the site is a little bit awry, please don’t keep hitting refresh – nip off for a bit, go make a cup of tea, put your headphones on and make sure your mum doesn’t catch you, or do something to pass the time then come back a little bit later please. The downloads won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, so you can afford to take your time. Besides which, why rush through the games when you can take your time and savour each one?

Please make a donation

As usual around competition time, we’re going to make the obligatory request towards helping out with our bandwidth. If you download a few of the games or more then please, if you can afford to, drop a donation in the pot. With the complete meggage of downloads coming in at around the 500 meg mark, you can imagine just how fast we tend to burn through bandwidth with lots of folks downloading. Every little bit helps chaps, and it helps us keep this place up and running. You’ll find a little paypal button on every page – don’t be afraid to click it if you can. Ta!

Right, enough of my waffle and I guess it’s time to hand you over to the entries…

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