Monday 2nd July 2001

Paul Jenkinson sent in a link for his very own new and obscure Spectrum remake. It’s Micromega’s 3D Luna Crabs which gets the old makeover… the remake is titled Luna Crabs 2001 and looks quite spiffy. I also found another interesting new remake – Lazy Jones PC, a cool remake of Lazy Jones for the ZX Spectrum. Even as a former Speccy owner I’ve never heard of these games!… Obscure remakes are great aren’t they?

Thanks to Jonathan for sending in a link for a Galaga remake called Warblade, written by none other than Edgar Vidal who authored the superb Deluxe Galaga and Deluxe Pacman for the Amiga! Unfortunately I cannot get this remake to work on my bog standard Windoze 95 setup. Can someone mail me and tell me what it’s like?

One more new find of mine – glElite, a remake of Elite…

Sunday 1st July 2001

New remakes are coming in thick and fast. Over to the contributors…

Benjamin Stauffer sent in a link for his own Columns clone, which funnily enough is called Columns. No confusion there then eh? btw this remake f**king rocks!!!

Thanks to Anthony for sending in links for a Street Fighter II remake called SFLIU and a remake of the C64 classic ‘Jumpman’ called Jumpman Project[NL]I’ve added a link to cozza’s new Work In Progress remake Wanted: Monty Mole PC. The original Speccy version of this game was awesome so I’m looking forward to this remake immensely…

Also, I’ve found a remake of Pete Cookes excellent ‘A Whole New Ball Game’ called Whole New Ball Game, a remake of Dizzy called Giddy3, another Dizzy remake for the Neogeo Pocket called Dizzy Pocket (looking tasty!) and another Neogeo Pocket remake of Manic Miner

Other finds of mine: The Return of Classic Nibbles (Slippery Sid), Chopper (Choplifter), Techno Tetris, Bombs and Bugs (Bomberman), Snake (Slippery Sid), Dash (Boulderdash), Madness (Marble Madness), Partition Sector (Bomberman), King Pong (Pong), and WarKurre 1 & 2 (Worms)

Visitors to the old Retro-Remakes site will already know that I am missing literally hundreds of remakes from the list to your left. Please bear with me on this one, when I deleted the old over-bloated Retro-Remakes with it’s 500 and odd megabytes of zips I deleted the lot (regrets? No!) so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. In my own time of course ;o)