Edgar Vigdal

We’re sad to hear of the passing of Edgar Vigdal, developer of Warblade/Deluxe Galaga.

“Edgar Vigdal passed away two nights ago, we suspect of cancer. I’m not sure i need to provide more details even if i get them… One of Edgars close friends has given us this information earlier this evening and right now Kev and I are quite shocked and very saddened by the news.

Edgar and I would talk night after night for hours at a time, often into the early hours of the morning. We became close friends over the many years doing this, skyping till our ipad batteries were flat, sharing jokes and trading our latest music finds… And recently we had agreed that finally i was going to visit Norway so we could actually meet for the first time this May and i’d stay with him and his family… I’m going to miss those chats.

This is a rather sudden shock for all of us and i’m really not sure what else to say.

My thoughts and deepest sympathies go to Siv, Marta, Rebekka and Markus and all the rest of the family. RIP Edgar my friend.

-Simon Quincey”

Edgar was a great friend to ex-RR Admin Simon (who regulars will know as Hitm4n) and Simon worked with him for a number of years on a number of project over the years. Edgar was also a strong and reliable supporter of a number of our old competitions, a support we were and are incredibly grateful for. His work and independent spirit from the Amiga to the present day inspired and uplifted many and indeed, his games were and are still loved to this day. It’s rare in videogames for someone to not only be able to stick around so long making the things he wants to make but being loved for it also. Edgar leaves behind quite the legacy.

Our sympathies go out to his family and friends at this difficult time. RIP Edgar, your presence will be missed.