The Remakes Report: Plokablock


Guess it’s time to take a break from staring at the guts of Plok comic strips (go give Ste & John some love) and write up some quick words about those old videogame things. Yay.

Also, it is entirely true that in the future all videogame developers will live in Wales. I’ve seen it because I can see the future. A bit like Mel Gibson in Machete Kills but not really with any of those dodgy views like Mel Gibson in real life or anything like that. Anyway. Videogames, eh?



We mentioned Caverns six whole years ago now, SIX! And it’s back except this time it’s on the web (this is why I don’t write movie tag lines). Cawhutuns? Caverns.

Caverns is a remake of possibly one of the earliest remakes, his own remake of the arcade game The Pit. Did you follow that? Good. Here’s what you need to know, the game is lovingly restored in all it’s ZX81 style glory. It has jewels, dwarves, aliens, lasers, Balrogs and spaceships. Now, by my reckoning that’s only a pirate, fez and a ninja short of everything you could ever want in a game. You need to collect some mithril before your spaceship can take off. There we go.

Go and play it!


Right. After a few months of not really having the time to do anything with the place proper, finally managed to find the time and a few quid down the back of the sofa to pay towards getting the forum a nice sexy new look. I know a lot of people weren’t fond of Vanilla and we sort of got stuck with it when it turned out that getting -out- of Vanilla wasn’t going to be especially easy (honestly, we tried) so if you’d prefer a nice more forum-y forum, there you go, we have that again.

Also a reminder that RR is ran on donations these days so if you’ve a few quid handy to chuck in to help us out with the hosting, it’s much appreciated, thanks.



The most exciting thing for me and fortuitously, it’s just dropped whilst I’m writing this post. SXPD is a comic-book-future interpretation of Death Chase. Yes. DEATH CHASE. Look at that picture and tell me that isn’t a fantastic looking thing. It’s a charity gig for One Big Game with a little help from Dave Perry. You know, Dave Perry not the other Dave Perry and available on iOS. I AM EXCITED.

Oh go on, one more pic…




Whilst we’re on an app store tip, iPushover is Pushover without silly weird “let’s get snack sponsorship” stuff that for some reason we went through a phase of. It’s by one of the original authors and it’s available for a few Earth moneys.

It’s always nice to see stuff make a comeback in one form or another.

Remake Of The Month

…still has a few days left to run and surprisingly not that many comments considering it’s the all time great Klass Of ’99. Or maybe that’s why, because everyone already knows it’s great. I dunno. Feel free to go and comment it up here.


It’s Vectrex Hexagon time! In two flavours. HEX and VECTREXAGON. It’s like they read my mind or something.

That’ll do, thanks.



Hck! is inspired by/a demake of Brog’s Cybergallop which is in turn a demake of the card game Netrunner made for the recent Cassette 50 shindig round these here parts. That’s quite a rabbit hole really when you think about it isn’t it?

I think I need a lie down after all that.

Floor 13

But before I do, let’s get a bit political before we settle down. David Eastman is working through a remake of his excellent old Miggy/ST/PC game Floor 13. It’s still early-ish days as things go but one to keep an eye on. Or not. Don’t keep an eye on it. You ain’t seen it, right? It was never there. Honestly, there was nothing at the end of this article at all. I went for a lie down, remember?

Of course, were such a thing to exist I’m sure given our current political climate and post-Papers Please videogame world, it’d be something to be quite excited about. But I’m afraid we don’t have any clearance to report on it so… nothing to see here.


There’s no video of the original below: