I’m sorry, I’ve tried but every time I try and say OUYA out loud, I just end up with this stuck in my head for days…

I think I might need to see a doctor or something. ANYWAY! Moving swiftly along, I’ve been meaning to drop a mention to some of the remakes on OUYA and some of the stuff that’s come from the RR stables onto the flailing little grey box. So, whilst I sit down and gather together what’s going into this month’s RR Report, let’s do this.

Right, this is a megadump so I’m going to put all this stuff behind a jump.



Ian’s Aquaventure has ventured (hohoho) across quite a few formats now and recently made its way to the OUYA. Ian’s words:

“AquaVenture is a unique and original puzzle based arcade adventure set beneath the ocean waves. Come on dive in; the water’s wonderful but watch out for the wildlife!”

See. I knew it. The animals are winding him up too. OK! I’ll stop now.

Blockman Gets Hungry


Jay has a couple of games here and there up for the OUYA. Just one or two, y’know?

Whilst my own personal recommendation goes to the great Spike Dislike and the fun Blast Trax, Blockman Gets Hungry is the Pacmaniest of his games and so, gets a mention here for what should be obvious reasons. But definitely give Spike Dislike a blast. So compulsive.

Boulderdash: The Full Collection

Is a thing that exists.

Ah well. I don’t really know what to say about the new graphics other than well, they too are things that exist. Boulderdash: The Full Collection then. A thing that exists.

Sometimes wishing isn’t enough.

Chomper Deluxe

Chomper Deluxe is a little bit Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Which is kinda OK, y’know? It’s suitably different and certainly its own thing.

Cosmic Protector

Cosmic Protector is a game about shooting rocks in space.


crystal02It wouldn’t be right to have a run through of some remakes without stumbling upon at least one Breakout/Arkanoid variant and here’s your one for today.

It’s Crystaloid and I’m just guessing but I think it might have originated on a phone somehow.

Looks like a Musti and Gigatron special so if that’s your thing, you know where to head off to.

Other Musti & Gigatron games exist.

Donkey Me


Donkey Me is a gorgeous and brutally hard take on Donkey Kong via the medium of films you know and love. My own personal fave boards are the Flash Gordon and Alien ones but there’s plenty of love gone into all of them.


Sticks and stones may break my bones but bats and balls won’t hurt me. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Sort of what would happen if someone applied the GAME A GAME B of something like Combat to a game that involves hitting balls across a room. That’s DotPlong.



Talking of Endless Forms Most Beautiful… Locomolito’s gorgeous remake does it all the justice it deserves and then some, turning an elementary looking Speccy game into something that looks like it’s fallen out of an arcade timewarp.



It’s been a while since I took a look over at Freedroid, I don’t think I quite understand what it became but Freedroid Classic is still a fairly reasonable take on Paradroid and that’s what you get here but OUYAificationalised. So that’s OK then.



One of a pair of great takes on Minter’s Lazerzone over on that there OUYA. I really like Gridlock, it’s great fun.



Jezzball is to Qix what Don’t Scare The Hare is to television and the world’s preoccupation with it is something I can never quite fathom. However, if you’re one of those people, iJezzball is available on the OUYA. I suppose at least it hasn’t got nuddy pictures underneath or something? That’s something.

Jumping Jack


Or don’t forget to use the bumpers to move or hilarity ensues. I love Jumping Jack still and I have a hard time explaining why. It’s an exercise in frustration, always was, but there’s something there that had me playing for ages as a kid and it still works now.

Jumpman Forever

Gosh, I can’t remember how long it’s been now since we first reported on Jumpman Forever but I swear I had hair and a slightly higher pitched voice then. I think I might have even been thin. But wow, here it is finally shifting along and on the OUYA too.

My Nuclear Octopus

My Nuclear Octopus is my favourite game on the OUYA that isn’t made by me. I’m sure it’s not hard to work out why. It’s like a BBC B exploded across the screen in a glitch full of colour.



Slight disclosure in that I did a few bits and bobs for this and it’s also made by the chap who’s helping me out with another videogame (but don’t let that put you off!), it’s another game where you shoot some rocks in space but with a more funner (totally a word) two player mode as well. Even without it being by a mate, I like it. Obliteroids then, it’s here.



It’s competitive Demolition!



It’s competitive Demolition! What?

No, really.



SDI 3D a bit like Missile Command and not like SDI. It’s also not competitive Demolition! I think we’re out of that one now.

Snowbrawl In Hell


You wouldn’t know it from the name but Snowbrawl In Hell is a crackingly nice little Hunchback variant. I know. Purdy pixels and good fun.

Spooky Maze


Spooky Maze, it might surprise you to find out, is a bit of a Pacman-y thing. And it would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids.



Starbreaker is Demoli… nah, it’s not. It’s proper Breakout this time. In space. Because everything is better in space.

Super Light Cycles


My deepest darkest secret is that I *really* love Light Cycles. I lost loads of hours to a version that I think came on 16/48 (maybe?). It’s one of those concepts that sorta just works. So yeah, Super Light Cycles was “on the list” from the start really.



Isn’t the one with the birds eating things but the one with the fish eating other fish but this time it’s got no fish and it’s all squares. Yes! Survival then, it’s SHARK SHARK for the no graphics generation.

Thunder Desert GP


Hang on! What’s all this then? Oh, I know but that’s the best I’ve got, believe me. Thunder Desert GP’s a tribute to Pole Position, Hang On and many of the other cracking mock 3d videogames. And that’s just fine by me.


I’ve heard this is very good. Ssssh. Don’t tell anyone. (Thanks to James of RGCD or this wouldn’t exist on OUYA at all. Thanks James!)

XY Cannon


The second of a pair of Lazerzone homages and a sign that I can wrap this article up and go for a nap. Nudged at me by James (of RGCD again), it’s super lovely. I don’t like to choose between XYCannon and Gridlock as I like them both lots for different reasons so if you’re going to get one Lazerzone homage on OUYA, don’t do that, get both of them.