The RR Report 3: Knight Lights

A little bit later than intended this month, it’s Issue 3 of the RR Report.



This month sees us make a very special exception to our “No Kickstarters” rule because well, because a new Chaos is being kickstarted by Julian Gollop and we all want a new Chaos, don’t we?

With 25 days to go, it’s nearly halfway to its goal and it looks a wee bit special. I’m absolutely in love with the way they’ve fleshed out the old Speccy sprites into something smart and modern and fairly enamoured with the way it’s shaping up as a whole. Excited to see how this turns out.


And now back to never speaking of Kickstarter never again!

Remake Of The Month

Last month I got the pleasure of choosing the forum’s Remake Of The Month, this month they’re not letting me anywhere near it! And I don’t blame them because I’d have only nominated Deathchase UFO again. Instead they’ve picked that 2600 game from the dawn of time where you stick keys to your face and smack into walls.

Go check that out and talk about it!

Exciting thing of the year

…that isn’t TxK, obviously. Lumo! Look at this. Seriously, just look at this.

And with a trailer. Oh god. It’s up on Greenlight now and I’m going to recommend hitting that vote button with all your heart. And your fingers.

The last time I got that sort of tingle over a game it was Mr Robot, a game I still have a fondness for but man, JRPG battle systems. I will never understand the attraction of those things or understand why you’d sandwich them into an otherwise great little isometric game.

Anyway, Lumo! Very Knight Lore, obviously. Which leads us in nicely to the game that never was, Mire Mare. Someone’s made a short little speccy game based on what Mire Mare might have been. It’s called Land Of Mire Mare and you can read all about it and download it over at World Of Spectrum. I’d love to see this fleshed out even further. Someone get on that.

“…but no, they have to go and make Kinect Sports 2:Sport Harder instead….”

Sorry, where was I? Ah, that was it, writing about videogames.


This has been on my list for a while ever since the illustrious and wonderful TimW pointed me in its direction. It’s Paragon! It’s a remake of an old DOS game (done with permission) and it’s very lovely indeed. Look, here’s some pictures because I like pictures…

And a video if you’re wondering how it plays:


Paragon is a game about navigating your ball around mazes, collecting shiny things, and narrowly escaping deadly spikes. Jump off of rails with precise timing to gather all the treasures, while avoiding death via impalement. Try not to stay on one rail for too long, the less you hesitate, the better your score!

It’s really nice. If you’ve bought the recent Brandon bundle, it’s in there. If you haven’t, then you can grab the game from here and also find details about the Android spin off, Paragon Infinite here. Not to be confused with Bioshock Infinite which is rubbish.

Honestly, I really enjoy Paragon. It’s short but nifty. Go take a peek.

Odds and sods

Also on my list for a while now, someone’s taking apart The Great Escape and putting it all back together again. Look here.

And here’s a new mini comp that may or may not go somewhere. Who knows? We’ll find out. It’s STRANGE COMBINATIONS and if you can think of a STRANGE COMBINATION of retro games that you want to selotape together and make a quick and silly game out of, do join in!

Right, I’m going to leave it there before this gets any more sprawling. See you in a few weeks for Ish 4 of The RR Report. *dadadumdumdummmmmm*