The Bundle Of Love For Brandon

We interrupt your normal remakes schedule for a brief period…


Here at RR, we’re both massive fans and massively thankful for the work of Brandon Boyer, indie advocate, chairman of the current IGF and generally all round good human being. Generally, we like really good human beings and we want good human beings to thrive.

Brandon’s had a bit of an unfortunate turn in the health department recently having been diagnosed with and treated for cancer and then just to make things a little bit (ok, ok, not a little bit) worse, his health provider refused to stump up the bill for any of the treatment. So a group of devs and creatives (myself included, sorry for bringing the quality down a bit) have all been working with the folks over at Humble Bundle to do a very special bundle to help make sure Brandon can cover his treatment.

There’s a massive amount of really good stuff in the bundle (and I think it might well be the biggest bundle yet?) and it’s going for $25, all proceeds going direct to help Brandon continue to be a good human being and more to the point, a good human being who doesn’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars he doesn’t have just for being ill. Because that’s not nice for anyone.

Windows Only

Actual Sunlight (Win DRM free)
Auralux (Win DRM free)
AirMech (unlock key)
Sepulchre – (Win DRM free)
Shipwreck – (Win DRM free)

Multiformat (DRM free)

Bagfull of Wrong (Win DRM free, one Android game)
Castles in the Sky + Soundtrack Win/Mac DRM free
Fancy Skulls – Win/Mac/Linux
God of Blades + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Android
Goscurry + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux
Mazing – Win/Mac/Linux
Paragon – Win/Linux
POP: Methodology Experiment One + Soundtrack – Win/Mac
QbQbQb – Win/Mac/Linux
Sokobond – Win/Mac/Linux
Warp Juggler – Win/Android

Steam Keys

Blocks That Matter + Soundtrack Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
Dynamite Jack – Win/Mac/Linux/Android/Steam
Ethan: Meteor Hunter – Win/Steam
McPixel + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
MouseCraft – Steam
Proteus – Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
Stacking + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
Thomas Was Alone + Soundtrack Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
VVVVVV + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
Waking Mars + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Android/Steam
Wizorb + Soundtrack – Win/Mac/Linux/Steam
World of Goo + Soundtrack Win/Mac/Linux/Android/Steam


BitTrip Beat Soundtrack
BitTrip Fate Soundtrack
BitTrip Runner Soundtrack

So if you fancy an already fine and growing collection of amazing games and to help out a good human being, here’s a button you can click and stuff to make things happen.