The Videogame 50


Oh no. Look what we’ve gone and done! This is terrible.

In honour(?) of the 1983 classic “Cascade Cassette 50” a bunch of people from the RR forums, Twitter and elsewhere have managed to all chuck their oars in to make another one. Because OBVIOUSLY having one wasn’t enough. Having two (if you include Peejay’s) wasn’t enough. NO! We had to have another one.

So for 2014, for the glory! The Videogame 50 is the Retro Remakes tribute to Cascade’s Cassette 50. It is somewhere in the region of 50 nothing-short-of-amazing videogames that we’re absolutely totally completely positive you’ll adore with all your heartses. With such classics as THE WERST DOCTOR WHO GAME and ROBOCODPIECE you know you’re in for the time of your life.

Naturally enough, the whole collection comes with a FREE DIGITAL WATCH courtesy of our specialist digital watch supplier HAVSOFT.

Thanks Havsoft. Thavsoft.


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