The RR Report 2: Flappy Dogs


Having spent way too much time in the latter part of January exhausting myself writing about terrible Bluetooth Keyboard things, it’s nice to be able to settle back in and write about things that wot are good. And so, without much further ado, February’s RR Report.

New things on old things


This is one of those things I’ve been meaning to post about for ages but thanks to Caff for reminding me of it, Ant Attack running on a ZX81 courtesy of Bob Smith and isn’t that fantastic? I love that this even exists. Made with the assistance of Sandy White too. Nice.

Also, things I’ve been meaning to post about. Can’t believe I missed this off last month’s list. Deathchase running on the Atari XE. Look at this, it’s superb.

Download it here.

Remake Of The Month

Everyone knows Deathchase is the best game, that’s why I chose it as this month’s forum game of the month. Come talk about it with us, or more specifically, Deathchase UFO because they made me choose a remake.


Long time RR cohort, GK has been rummaging for games for us and turned up a few tiny pics of a Sentinel remake stuck in some sort of self described development hell. Shame as there’s always room for more Sentinel remakes. Looks good from the pics too.

FWIW, my current favourite Sentinel-ish game is Surveillant for iOS by one of my fave old 80’s devs, Martin Wheeler.

It’s only a few quid on the iThing and it’s really nice.

In HTML5 corner, we’ve got Space Invaders 2013. A slightly slippier-slidey experience than we’re all probably used to but as it’s a game made for someone’s ten year old son to play, let’s not knock that, eh?

I realise I’m probably the only person alive who doesn’t tire of playing Space Invaders remakes (or Space Invaders in general, really. Was quite happy finding a machine tucked away in Blackpool last year) but in case you’re like me, here’s a link.

On a similar note, one of my childhood fave Space Invaders remakes of very old gets the remake treatment. Space Raiders from Psion.


How about a Sabre Wulf remake for good measure? I’ve lost count of just how many years Darkside was working on this but last year he finally put a bow on it and sent it out into the world. So here it is for everyone to play, Sabre Wulf: The Remake. Huzzah! I love it when a game gets finished.

Grab Sabre Wulf here.


I asked Thomas Hopper to throw me over a few screens to post of his upcoming retro-videogame Console Saga (careful now) partly because a) I’ve got a heck of a soft spot for his stuff b) I like platform games and c) It looks like the BMO game no-one will make me. It’s still very much a work in progress but here’s a few pics.




And a WIP video for good measure:

I like pics. Please, do send me pictures of your remakes/retro inspired games for me to post.

Commercial Corner

The 12th sees TxK, Jeff Minter’s latest and most excellent videogame finally see a release on PSVita. I posted some pics of it in last month’s report and you’re all only saved from a repeat of that this month by Mrs Bob steadfastly refusing to stand there and push the “take screenshot” button repeatedly.

I might have mentioned this one or two times before but it is a tremendously good game. Essentially, if you were the kind of person who sat back and said “that Space Giraffe should have been less eye bleedy and more like Tempest 2000”, this is the very game you asked for. If you’re the kind of person who just wants a really, really good man-at-top-of-his-game arcade game, then TxK is that as well. So that’s pretty good.

Jeff’s done one of those great “here’s my history with this thing” posts that’s well worth a read so erm, go read. Also, don’t forget that the amazing GR++ is donationware right this very second and it’s very, very good indeed.


A very quick note to add that Doomdark’s Revenge should be out for iOS in the next week or so. So keep an eye out for that one, obviously.

Also worth mentioning but nothing much to show yet, a shout out to Steve Iles and team who are going to be revisiting dog punching sim Saboteur. And yes, “team” involves Clive Townsend. Here’s the Vita Lounge with some of the vague information we have so far and here’s Steve on Twitter if you want to give him a bit of a follow to keep an eye on progress.


And landing in my mailbox yesterday, Astroids. Not quite the worst videogame name edit (that’s still Saucelifter, sorry Paul) but not far off. Anyway, it certainly looks like a fairly pretty thing indeed but as with all these things, the proof is in the playing and all that. There’s loads of screenshots over this-a-way and for those curious, it’s a $10 buy in.

Not sure what’s with the Stayin’ Alive thing there.

A final commercial corner shout out to 137 BC, which I’ve been informed is inspired by 1992’s Siege. I was very drunk during 1992 so can’t possibly comment. I’ve been sent a code to take a look but I haven’t had time between getting the code and writing this piece up so sincere apologies there. It looks interesting enough and I’m always up for some iOS strategy stuff so I’ll nudge you over in this direction to take a look yourself.

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Right, cheers. Until next time…