RR Mini Comp: One Screen Cassette 50

Oh god, how did I let Gordon talk me into this. OK everyone, settle down there’s no prizes, it’s just for fun but here we go…

In the spirit of “making things”, we’re going to hold a bit of a mini competition to get a lot of us to pull our own fingers out of our own rear ends and the first out the gate is… wait for it… waiiiit for it….


Or Arcasfifonscreeremminco for short. That might actually be the noise one of my cat makes when scraping his face down the glass door to announce that he’s back from sexing across the road and would like some food now please but we can run with this anyway.

So from today (17th Jan) to next month (17th February) we’re inviting people to do the following:

1. Make a really crap game. This is important, it has to be crap.
2. Make that game a one screen remake of another game. Remembering it has to be crap.
3. Tell us about it. Because if you don’t tell us about it, no-one will know you ever made it and wooooooo scary. If a game gets made in the forest etc…

That’s it! Then we’ll round them all up and post them because why not, right?

Probably best not to spend too much time on this either because if you do, you might accidentally end up with something good and no-one wants that.

Forum topic is here or you can just post a link to your game in the comments here and I’ll hoover it up towards the deadline if you really want. Probably best to dump it in the forum but hey, whatever! Make a game! Come say hi and make us a really crap one screen remake of something, anything. Last time I tried this, I ended up tackling ambient-frog-killer game Proteus so yeah.

Over to you.