spellboundedI’ve been sitting on this one for a while now and it’s finally OK to say something about it so here it is.

Magic Knight is making his comeback rather soon in a new version of Spellbound for the OUYA.

Making-it-happen duties go to Mike ’48 Hours and I’m a gonner’ Hall with doodles by Saul ‘Time is running out for Gimbel’ Cross and with David ‘If I had a hammer’ Jones in an advisory and extending the game capacity, perhaps this might be the fifth reason to lay your grubby hands on an Ouya.

So, what’s happening then? It’s been a labour of love for Mike and Saul for a while now and with David Jones jumping in with both official approval and assistance, there’s a bit more to come than originally planned. So no longer will it just be a straight-ish version of the original 48/128k game with new doodles, there’ll be an extended cut to play through also with new spells, puzzles and all that jazz from David and with some concessions to the more modern human being when it comes to micro management, windimation and all that jazz.

If you’re not bothered by any of that, fear not, the 48k/128k versions are planned to remain fairly intact as well.

There we go then. A new Spellbound. For the OUYA. Official and all that stuff. Coming soon. Huzzah.