Mr Aahh!!


Mr Aahh!! – 69p

What’s a really good game on the iPod, Rob? “Mr Aahh, why?”

Just a few years back, that would have been the first answer I’d have thrown at you. Still, whenever I think of really great, simple, iThing games I end up thinking of Mr Aahh!!, mainly because Mr Aahh!! is great.

Mr Aahh!! is the follow up to Mr Space. Mr Space sees you guide a stick figure to safety as the walls hastily crash together around you, forever and ever trying not to get his sticky head squished by big, thick, black walls of pixel death. Miss the spot and it’s more Mr Splat than Mr Space. Mr Aahh!! abandons the whole space thing and is a leap of faith simulator. You’re on a platform. There’s another platform over there. Use your rope to leap onto it. Land in the center of the platform for a higher score and don’t miss.

It often ends in a miss but you’ve probably gathered that.

It’d be a bit rubbish if it didn’t.

Don’t get too comfy with the jumping either because who knows which way or how strong the wind will blow on your next leap. From jump to jump, you’re always weighing up your timing, weighing up the wind, trying to make sure that each jump gives you the most points and you keep going and going and going because you want a bigger score.

Cripes, it’s great. One of those games where although simple, it all just pulls together into something difficult to put down, sort of “if Hunchback went on forever and wasn’t rubbish and had more ropes and less knights” kind of thing.

mzl.ordmmwcb.320x480-75Sadly, whilst entertaining enough in and of themselves, the follow ups Mr Oops and Mr Ninja never quite hit the same compulsive must play heights.

They’re worth a gander but Mr Aahh!! remains an easy high point for Ponos and is still one of my fave things to ever crop up on the app store.