Finger Sling

Finger Sling – Free

mzl.lxuqgrmf.320x480-75Under normal iOS rules for naming a game, Finger Sling would be a game where you sling fingers. I don’t know how or why we’ve got into this terrible funk with names, the kind where we end up with a game where you shoot lots of robots called “Shoot Many Robots” or a game where you feed something oil called “Feed Me Oil” or a game where you run through a temple called “Temple Run”.

Can you imagine if we’d have had this sort of thing at the dawn of videogames? “I’m just nipping off for a game of Shoot Aliens”, “Anyone fancy a game of Eat Pills?” or “Ride a bird into battle”. Dear me. Just deary dear me.

I realise that with TEMPEST the absolute best videogame name went fairly early but we can do better than this, surely? We haven’t become so bereft of imagination, so desperate to immediately communicate everything for fear someone might not throw their miniscule amount of money our way in case we don’t name our game after what you do in it have we? Have we? Can anyone even hear me anymore? What do you mean you were too busy playing

Luckily, no such worries here! Finger Sling isn’t about slinging fingers! HURRAY! It’s about using your finger (wait for it) to sling things. So I think that’s OK? Anyway, it’s an astonishingly simple thing. It’s certainly not a lot to write home about in the looks department and the presentation all round is just generally “well, here’s as much as we need” and you know, that is fine. Perfectly fine. It’s super fine when the game is as enjoyable as this.

Again, it’s one of those things that uses touch well. Like Skullpogo using tilt to bounce and using that wobbly hand shakey thing to its advantage, this uses a ball on a pulley kind of thing that just feels nice to play around with. And the game? Oh, it’s pretty simple really. You have one big ball in the middle which sits inside a target. Balls are flung at it from the outside to try and knock the big ball outside of the target area. Your job is to keep the big ball in the middle by knocking the rest of the balls out the way using the power of stretchy slingy ness.

Anyway, it’s great but I believe it’s broken on the iPad unfortunately. It does however still work absolutely fine on my slightly older touch so yes. Get finger slinging. It’s gotten me through far too many long coach journeys over the past few years.