Skullpogo (£1.49)

In which you play a skeleton on a pogo stick bouncing on the hordes of the undead. Sometimes.

Most of the time you’ll probably be bouncing on pigs and chickens and bats, got to pogo on bats and getting power ups and making it rain on zombies and leaping off the screen and plummeting onto a poor unsuspecting pigs head with abandon and a sproingy ferocity.

And grinning. Mustn’t forget the grinning.

Because Skullpogo is one of those games. The kind where try as you might, you can’t grimace at it. Even when it pulls a reverse controls power up out the bag, enough to consign any lesser game to the fiery pits of Wales, you still sort of smile at it because who’d have thought it but pogo sticking around on pig’s heads IS tremendously enjoyable.

Skullpogo then. It’s a cheap bag of smiles. With a pig. Or twelve.