Chimera 2012

It’s been a few years in the making as you can probably guess from the URL I’ll be posting being “Chimera2010” but that’s not really important. What’s important is that at long last Chimera has been recreated for the PC after over 25 years. And that’s great news. It’s even better news that it’s from the original author too. Which is fabulous. Although I’d argue that he’s wrong to say it’s not a very good game but that’s a fight for another time.

Anyway, it’s one of those them thar isometric things that became rather popular in a post-Knight Lore world but as well as the ever important exploration element there’s a bit of the old survival stuff also as you try not to kill yourself by not munching or drinking things as you meander around. Ok, ok, it’s not exactly Project Zomboid or anything but what do you expect for 1985 and £2.99? Exactly.

Here’s the Atari XL version for the uninitiated:

Also! Radiators. I’ve often thought games don’t have enough radiators. Can we get a game about radiators made in 2012 now? Anyone?

Ok, here’s the link. Mac version at the moment with a Windows version due to drop in no time at all. Get it! EDIT: PC version also! Go!

JOURNALISTIC HEADHUNTER DISCLAIMER: Hello! I am in the credits of this game. I’m only really in the credits for encouraging it to be made so you can all kill me later or something. Get in the queue, basically.