• http://twitter.com/ElectronDance Harbour Master

    We didn’t have many of these things on the Atari but we did have Chimera. Which… I didn’t like too much. Died all the time. Still, I am intrigued, because I’ve seen the author Shahid around the Twitters a few times.

    • Rob Remakes

      I do like the chunky graphics on the Atari version though, they’re lovely.

      • http://twitter.com/shahidkamal Shahid Kamal Ahmad

        I’m trying to find someone who’ll be able to extract them from the original for me, I’ve not had any joy with the Mac emulator. Once I get them, I will stick them in as a selectable skin. My aim is to make all 4 8-bit version of the game playable. BTW, I’ve done 7 versions of this game now myself. Is that a record? (I know I’ve taken a stupidly long amount of time to do it!)

  • AmazingJas

    Even though I never played this, I had super fond memories of it. Reason was they did a development diary serialization in one of the magazines of the day (maybe ‘Your 64′?). And it was one of the key motivators in my journey towards games programming. Thankyou chimera!