Look, honestly, I can’t help it. If you call your game Flibble, I am roughly 400% more likely to post it than if you call it something terminally dull with a subtitle. Like, I dunno, SPACE:RETRIBUTION (I’m sorta hoping this doesn’t actually exist but GAMES INDUSTRY!).

I’m also 400% more likely to post it if the game is some sort of bastard hybrid of an Atari2600 game and a pre-MAD Mastertronic game, y’know? Mainly because people don’t tend to write that kind of thing anymore. No, no, I don’t need answers on a postcard as to why but the point remains, lost things. I like lost things

I’m also also also 400% more likely to post any game that makes me think of Rapscallion. Everyone, play Rapscallion now.

So, I’m posting Flibble. This is Flibble. I recommend going and playing Flibble.