Def Defying: Deft

In one of those “oh yeah, I remember that, I never did front page it moments” a chap wandered into IRC last night (it happens occasionally and even more occasionally people talk in there too!) inquiring if anyone remembered a first person jumpy game with procedural levels. Not really, sez I. Until said chap comes up with the link and screenshots and it’s an “ohhhh” moment. I’d have never got it but I certainly remember it, I was supposed to post it.

In 2010.

Time to make amends.

Deft, then. It’s a procedurally generated jumpy game with leaderboards up to the hilt and the actions of players past as your opponents. It may be a bit old now but it’s still worth an outing so here it is, being outingerered.

Grab it here for Windows and Macs.