Don’t be square: Cubes

Cubes is a game about avoiding cubes. Sometimes they don’t look like cubes. Sometimes they look like squares. Sometimes they look like cubes broadcast on a faulty CRT, sometimes they look like dim and distant shapes on a foggy morning. But they’re always cubes. It’s a game about avoiding cubes that fuck with your vision. Cubes that mess with your eyes. Stay focused. Avoid the cubes.

Tilt your iThing to avoid the cubes that may not look like cubes. Live a long and cube free life if you can. The cubes will ultimately destroy you. How many cubes can you survive?

(I’m at 44, which is pretty crap. I’m sure you can do better and I’m sure I can too. Let’s fight.)

Cubes is currently 69p for your iThing and it’s eye confounding fun.