The Savy Gamer Sale

Normal service will resume on Monday (extended hiatus due to a few days decorating then hitting the deck with the virus from hell, unfortunately) but in the meantime, it’d be rude to pass up some of the offers on hand in the Savy Gamer 5th Anniversary Sale. There’s only another day or so to grab some of the best indie games (and my games) for very cheap. And some other games too.

Obviously, I’d recommend picking up the Bagfull Of Wrong collection on pay what you want because I wrote them and I think they still stand up pretty well considering (especially at choose your own price) but aside from that, there’s a cavalcade of brilliant things that might not have reached your attention nodes.

Fellow RR’er Minion’s Inzectoids is an incredibly old school take on the arena shooter that’s worth it for the web effect alone (I’m a sucker for stuff like that), he’s also on Pay What You Want there so pick your price. I’ve said it many times but Leave Home and Fren-Ze are two of the best shooters ever made (out of all the shooty things), Leave Home is also supremely bite sized and one of the few games that really made me grit my teeth in determination to beat it as it kicked back ever harder at me. It’s just *so* good. It’s also yours for less than £4 in the sale.

In obligatory “I did a bit on it” disclaimer corner also, there’s Rob Hale’s Waves. If you ever looked on at 360 owners with envious eyes for GW:RE2 – do so no more as the PC has a game that betters it and drops the entrance skills required down to “anyone can have a go and compete”. Which might make it sound like some sort of casual game or something but it’s really not, it’s just easy to play and easy to fathom. Racking up those scores, mind. Now that’s a different game entirely.

See also Charlie’s Scoregasm which is pretty much everything I’d hoped Mutant Storm Empire would be but wasn’t. With biscuits.

It’s hard not to recommend pretty much all the stuff in the sale really. Eufloria is, as ever, a wonderful experience marrying Eno-esque ambient mentality with videogames quite masterfully. You’d think it couldn’t be done but there it is. Done. Got to admire any game you can sort of play in the background whilst doing other things too. It’s a marvel.

Swift*Stitch will make you curse in a variety of glorious sweary ways, a simple conceit but so enjoyable and so swear inducing.

Oh, and then there’s Helicoid for the iThing which is currently free. It may cause you to throw your iThing across the room. Not in frustration but in the course of playing the thing. I’ve got a soft spot for it but man, it can really wreck your head unless you’re Cole Phelps, King Of Rotating Things In Your Hand. Are you Cole Phelps? Can you be Cole Phelps? FIND OUT WITH HELICOID. COLE PHELPS TRAINING SIMULATOR.

Oh yeah, there’s a fair few more things well worth your attention so I’ll let you click on here and wander your way over to the full list of stuff on sale. And a mega thank you to Lewie who over the course of the past 5 years has saved me an absolute ruck of money on games. Long may SavyGamer continue.