I wish I was a spaceman: Fireball SE

I wouldn’t have been able to resist adding a 5 on the end of the title myself but that’s me. And also just one of many reasons why I’m not allowed to name things too often. It ends in trouble.

Fireball is one of my personal favourites from the Radian Games arcade-game-things collection. It’s a take on Geometry Wars pacifism mode with a bit of Every Extend thrown in for good measure. And if that means nothing to you whatsoever, try “it’s a bit good, ok?”.

You’re a fireball in an arena. Things are trying to kill you. Luckily there’s some explosive things also floating about the place. Hit the explosives to buy yourself time between waves to not die. Collect the debris for prizes and points. Smile lots.

Anyway, it’s been lurking around a while in various forms. First on XBLIG then on PC/Mac and now it’s snuck onto iOS so you can do some dodging with your fingers.

Do make sure you change the sticks to floating in the settings or you end up with one of those hellish iOS fixed virtual stick things that no-one human can use yet still people persist with putting them in games. Screenshot is from the PC version because someone scribbled on the iOS ones. Don’t scribble on screenshots, folks.

See you on the scoreboards?