A Big Heart: The Fabulous Screech

An interactive short story of sorts and one that’s worth the 15-20 minutes of your existence it’ll take up.

The Fabulous Screech is an interlude in the Land Of Dreams series from Jonas and Verena Kyratzes.

You may, perhaps, have already investigated and been aware of the wonderful other works set within The Land Of Dreams, The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge and/or The Book Of Living Magic. If so, you’re already vaguely aware of what awaits you at the end of the click.

If you’ve not meandered through the other stories before, fear not, there’s nothing you’ll need to know in order to play through Screech but certainly, it won’t harm you to check them out regardless. They’re truly lovely things.

And so it goes, The Fabulous Screech is a lovely thing too. I read it through with my kid as a sort of bedtime story substitute one night a few weeks ago. Whilst I obviously wouldn’t recommend the glare of a monitor as a replacement for the joys of reading a book under normal circumstances, I made an exception for Screech. Not that it’s specifically a story for children, no, it’s a story for everyone and that’s where its strength lies.

The Fabulous Screech is a beautifully judged tale with a massive heart and one of my favourite things of the year so far. Go read/play. If anyone asks, I wasn’t snuffling towards the end. Honest.