Merthyr Qrth-phyl? Qrth-phyl

Is it possible to get a headline which makes less sense? I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Qrth-phyl is the latest thing from Hermit Games and it excites me greatly. I got to watch a tiny bit of it in action in glorious phone-o-vision around a year ago and it was looking pretty amazing then so lumme knows how much better it looks in full-scale-o-vision.

Glancing at the screenshots, I feel pretty safe in saying “very lovely indeed”.

Anyway, from the video I got to watch it appears to be some sort of transdimensional knot-in-snake-game beamed in from the planet headfuck. Which is to say, entirely up my street.

There’s loads more screenshots over here and a preview in this month’s Edge Magazine for all you dead tree fans out there.

It’ll be out soon for Windows and Xbox 360.