Dave's Day Out

Yup, excitingment abounds once more folks as we’re back in the reigns of Sir Tam Of Toucan and his magic pills of link droppiness. I’m scared, mummy.

Pac-Mondrian – Hippest, Hoppest, Hoopiest Pac-Man Jazz/Funk (Junk?) online pacman game you’ll ever click fingers to. Groovy.
Six Pack Man – Retro platformer inspired by a shareware Amiga game PlatMan
Frank’N’Stein – Remake of the Spectrum platformer
Atic Atac – The Specturm classic with nice updated graphics
GGT – Demo of a Game Gear version of Turrican
Dune IV – Dune II style RTS with network play
The Abbey of Crime – Isometric arcade adventure recently updated to 32 bit color and Italian language option
Pacifi3D – Pacman EMULATOR, but draws the graphics in 3D. Cool. (Need a Pacman rom to play)
Pixelville Pensioners – Point’n’click adventure done in Flash and starring Spectrum chars
Bust-a-Move – Flash version of Bust-a-move/Puzzle Bobble
Alien Breed 2k5 Obliteration – The top down space station shooter Alien Breed 92 nicely redone
Knightmare – Remake of an old MSX vertical scrolling shooter.
Astrosmash – Flash clone. Dodge or shoot the falling meteors
Ateroids – Flash clone of the boulder,rock,pebble shooter
Pong – Flash clone of Pong
Mono – The Binary Zoo peeps bring you a fusion of Paint, Robotron and Asteroids. Prittie!
Dogfight – Remake of the BBC version of the shoot-the-other-plane-first game

Cookie – Another great remake from the Darkside space time continuum
Double Dragon Forever – Nice looking Double Dragon remake
Bruce Lee – Practice the art of fighting by hitting people with this arcade platform remake
Magefire Online – Turn based isometric RPG Lords of Chaos remake (Win/Mac)
Sentinel Redux – Lovely Flash version of the Crammond classic
3D Starstrike – You know you want it
Tunnels of Doom Reboot – Old TI-99/4A Rouge(ish) RPG lovingly remade and updated

Privateer Gemini Gold – Wing Commander Privateer remake. Forum still active (Win/Mac/Linux)
Laser Tactics – Laser Squad turn based shooter done in 3D and Java
GBA Orn – GBA version of the first Metroid level with some slight changes
Ultimate Stunts – Remake of the 3D stunt racer Stunts/4D Sports Driving with network play. Looks still to be active
Harrier Attack – Scramble style remake of the Spectrum side scrolling shooter
Rolling Madness 3D – Very faithful remake of Marble Madness
Levitar 3D – Gravitar inspired 3D gravity-ship-shooter
Bub’n’Bros – Bubble Bobble with up to 10 networked players
L.Squad – Unfinished remake of Laser Squad the turn based tactical squad game
GBA 1942 – GBA version of the vertical scrolling shooter
PS2 Invaders – Space Invaders for the Playstation 2
PS2 Turnip – Pong with turnips for the Playstation 2
Extreme Commando – Old commando remake
Minesweeper remakes – Everything you wanted to know about Minesweeper but were too embarrassed to ask
Wanted: Monty Mole – The Spectrum platformer gets the Darkside treatment

Goody – YAGSR (Yet Another Gorgeous Spanish Remake). This ones a platformer
Snake Slider – 50 level puzzle game. Slide the snake out of the room
Saboteur 95 – 400 room version the action platformer
Horacio Esquiador – Horace Goes Skiing (whilst on holiday in Spain presumably) (Win/Linux)
F-1 Spirit – Polished top down racing fun. Active once again! (Win/Mac/Linux)
Wavy Navy – Remake of an old Galaga style game with a nautical twist
Start Boppin’ – Amiga Puzzle platformer meets Bust-a-move with ritual suicide!?

Sentry – The Sentinal designed to run on low-end PC, but still rocks
Sentry Mobile – J2ME port of Sentry
Orc Attack – Throw rocks at the castle climbing orcs
Light Heart 2005 – Boulderdash style puzzler
Sensitive – Mobile phone puzzler
Space Invaders ’97 – Space Invaders with power ups, 4 player co-op and other stuff
Open Transport Tycoon – Now available for Pocket PC and Palm OS
oSwBallz – OneKey version of Trailblazer
Tempest – The Grid Wars creators remake of Tempest
Ms Blitzman – The Grid Wars creators remake of Ms Pacman
Blitzatron – The Grid Wars creators remake of Robotron
Blitzum – The Grid Wars creators remake of Quantum
DeBlitzer – The Grid Wars creators remake of Defender
Battle Worms – Worms for up to 8 networked players, but no bots
Full Tilt – Time trial only Outrun style racer, no AI
Frostbite – Collect ice and build your igloo in this 2600 remake

Raiden X – Nice flash remake of the verical scrolling shooter
Stompy – Robotron style arena shooter
NDS Teenage Queen – NDS version of the Atari/Amiga strip poker game
Jet Set Willy II – Remake of the update to the classic platformer
Robotragedy – A Point’n’Click with Day of the Tentacle style graphics (English and Spanish)
Moley Christmas – The Darkside turns his talents to another of the Monty platform series
Monty on the Run – Must have a thing for moles (well they are smooth and shiny)
Psycho Boy 3D – Paper Boy done in 3D and chucking bricks to bring it up to date
Botonoid – Breakout remake. Goto the downloads page
NeverNoid – Another breakout/Arkanoid game
Breakout 3D – Breakout again. In 3D this time

Super Mario Blue Twilight DX – Halloween themed levels in this nice Super mario style game
Hombrew games – French site with PSP, NDS, GBA homebrew games
BurgerTimes – Clone of the Intellivision version of Burgertime. With a 2P internet option
Planetary Defense – Atari Planetary Defender. Shoot the bombs approaching Earth
Atlantis – Atari/Intellivision game. Missile Command(ish) style turret shooter.
Bump n’ Jump – 3D take on the top down car crush racer
Demon Attack – Intellivison game. Shoot the attack waves of different aliens
WAtomic – The KDE puzzler KAtomic cloned for windows
Armagetron Advanced – The continuation of the classic Light Cycle update. Still active (Win/Mac/Linux)
X-Moto – Great physics based 2D motocross game. Still very active (Win/Mac/Linux)
Castle Adventure – Search-maze-kill-monsters-get-treasure game based on an old text adventure
Amidar – 3D take on Amidar from Brian Postma who brought us Breakout 3D. Lots of others too
Magic Feeling 2 – Hunt the download time again for this Puyo Puyo remake

Daves Day Out – Arcade platformer. Eleven on the retro scale
Stix – Qix remake
Pengo – Remake of the ice block pusher
Gridrunner – The classic retro shooter
Take Two – The Caffeine Kid brings us Shisen-Sho, the Mahjong solitaire style board puzzle (Win/Mac)
Blondie Goes On A Date – Dress up Barbie in this parody remake
Typing Invaders – Save the world whilst learning to type
10 Finger Breakout – Quote “This is no fake – you are playing BreakOut !”. I’m sold
Monadius – Nice take on the horz shooter Gradius with vector gfx
Vectrex Thrust – Thrust for the Vectrex. Awesome stuff
Roland in Time Enhanced – Another platformer gets the Musti treatment
Zarch – Linux version of the Archimedes classic a.k.a. Virus

Zork – Online PHP version of the text adventure
Cholo – Ovine bring us an updated remake of the 3D BBC classic. Complete with its own website
Pile Up – Columns remake
Rocks’n’Diamonds – Great Boulderdash game with level packs. Still very much active (Win/Mac/Linux)
bitBull Games – Online Java versions of Scramble, Asteroids, Sinistar, Pacman and more!
Sokoban: Armageddon – Over 1000 levels of Sokoban. Can you handle it?
Rick Dangerous – The Indie (as in Jones) style platformer done in Flash

Crazy Bumpa – Guide the bouncing ball through the crazy maze puzzler
TSteroids – An asteroids that manages to be different? Inconceivable!
Pooz – Remake of the puzzler Zoop, but for the Atari ST!
Battlezone – Online Java version done in 32 hours
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy – Towels at the ready in this online version of the text adventure
Stop the Express – Lovely take on the Spectrum run-along-the-train-game. Don’t try this for real kids!
Hitblock – Endurion uses his talents to give us Crillion the arcade puzzler
Godpey – Remake of Gunpey, an Arcade puzzler for the Wonderswan. This ones for the Atari ST
Namihey – Another Gunpey remake, but for the GBC
Black Cauldron – Remake of the adventure game based on the Disney film
Exolon DX – Nice remake of the Spectrum platform shooter
Strange Attractors – OneKey gravity game. Collect the gems in this little gem of a game