From The Vault: 2005

Dave's Day Out

Yup, excitingment abounds once more folks as we’re back in the reigns of Sir Tam Of Toucan and his magic pills of link droppiness. I’m scared, mummy.

Pac-Mondrian – Hippest, Hoppest, Hoopiest Pac-Man Jazz/Funk (Junk?) online pacman game you’ll ever click fingers to. Groovy.
Six Pack Man – Retro platformer inspired by a shareware Amiga game PlatMan
Frank’N’Stein – Remake of the Spectrum platformer
Atic Atac – The Specturm classic with nice updated graphics
GGT – Demo of a Game Gear version of Turrican
Dune IV – Dune II style RTS with network play
The Abbey of Crime – Isometric arcade adventure recently updated to 32 bit color and Italian language option
Pacifi3D – Pacman EMULATOR, but draws the graphics in 3D. Cool. (Need a Pacman rom to play)
Pixelville Pensioners – Point’n’click adventure done in Flash and starring Spectrum chars
Bust-a-Move – Flash version of Bust-a-move/Puzzle Bobble
Alien Breed 2k5 Obliteration – The top down space station shooter Alien Breed 92 nicely redone
Knightmare – Remake of an old MSX vertical scrolling shooter.
Astrosmash – Flash clone. Dodge or shoot the falling meteors
Ateroids – Flash clone of the boulder,rock,pebble shooter
Pong – Flash clone of Pong
Mono – The Binary Zoo peeps bring you a fusion of Paint, Robotron and Asteroids. Prittie!
Dogfight – Remake of the BBC version of the shoot-the-other-plane-first game

Cookie – Another great remake from the Darkside space time continuum
Double Dragon Forever – Nice looking Double Dragon remake
Bruce Lee – Practice the art of fighting by hitting people with this arcade platform remake
Magefire Online – Turn based isometric RPG Lords of Chaos remake (Win/Mac)
Sentinel Redux – Lovely Flash version of the Crammond classic
3D Starstrike – You know you want it
Tunnels of Doom Reboot – Old TI-99/4A Rouge(ish) RPG lovingly remade and updated

Privateer Gemini Gold – Wing Commander Privateer remake. Forum still active (Win/Mac/Linux)
Laser Tactics – Laser Squad turn based shooter done in 3D and Java
GBA Orn – GBA version of the first Metroid level with some slight changes
Ultimate Stunts – Remake of the 3D stunt racer Stunts/4D Sports Driving with network play. Looks still to be active
Harrier Attack – Scramble style remake of the Spectrum side scrolling shooter
Rolling Madness 3D – Very faithful remake of Marble Madness
Levitar 3D – Gravitar inspired 3D gravity-ship-shooter
Bub’n’Bros – Bubble Bobble with up to 10 networked players
L.Squad – Unfinished remake of Laser Squad the turn based tactical squad game
GBA 1942 – GBA version of the vertical scrolling shooter
PS2 Invaders – Space Invaders for the Playstation 2
PS2 Turnip – Pong with turnips for the Playstation 2
Extreme Commando – Old commando remake
Minesweeper remakes – Everything you wanted to know about Minesweeper but were too embarrassed to ask
Wanted: Monty Mole – The Spectrum platformer gets the Darkside treatment

Goody – YAGSR (Yet Another Gorgeous Spanish Remake). This ones a platformer
Snake Slider – 50 level puzzle game. Slide the snake out of the room
Saboteur 95 – 400 room version the action platformer
Horacio Esquiador – Horace Goes Skiing (whilst on holiday in Spain presumably) (Win/Linux)
F-1 Spirit – Polished top down racing fun. Active once again! (Win/Mac/Linux)
Wavy Navy – Remake of an old Galaga style game with a nautical twist
Start Boppin’ – Amiga Puzzle platformer meets Bust-a-move with ritual suicide!?

Sentry – The Sentinal designed to run on low-end PC, but still rocks
Sentry Mobile – J2ME port of Sentry
Orc Attack – Throw rocks at the castle climbing orcs
Light Heart 2005 – Boulderdash style puzzler
Sensitive – Mobile phone puzzler
Space Invaders ’97 – Space Invaders with power ups, 4 player co-op and other stuff
Open Transport Tycoon – Now available for Pocket PC and Palm OS
oSwBallz – OneKey version of Trailblazer
Tempest – The Grid Wars creators remake of Tempest
Ms Blitzman – The Grid Wars creators remake of Ms Pacman
Blitzatron – The Grid Wars creators remake of Robotron
Blitzum – The Grid Wars creators remake of Quantum
DeBlitzer – The Grid Wars creators remake of Defender
Battle Worms – Worms for up to 8 networked players, but no bots
Full Tilt – Time trial only Outrun style racer, no AI
Frostbite – Collect ice and build your igloo in this 2600 remake

Raiden X – Nice flash remake of the verical scrolling shooter
Stompy – Robotron style arena shooter
NDS Teenage Queen – NDS version of the Atari/Amiga strip poker game
Jet Set Willy II – Remake of the update to the classic platformer
Robotragedy – A Point’n’Click with Day of the Tentacle style graphics (English and Spanish)
Moley Christmas – The Darkside turns his talents to another of the Monty platform series
Monty on the Run – Must have a thing for moles (well they are smooth and shiny)
Psycho Boy 3D – Paper Boy done in 3D and chucking bricks to bring it up to date
Botonoid – Breakout remake. Goto the downloads page
NeverNoid – Another breakout/Arkanoid game
Breakout 3D – Breakout again. In 3D this time

Super Mario Blue Twilight DX – Halloween themed levels in this nice Super mario style game
Hombrew games – French site with PSP, NDS, GBA homebrew games
BurgerTimes – Clone of the Intellivision version of Burgertime. With a 2P internet option
Planetary Defense – Atari Planetary Defender. Shoot the bombs approaching Earth
Atlantis – Atari/Intellivision game. Missile Command(ish) style turret shooter.
Bump n’ Jump – 3D take on the top down car crush racer
Demon Attack – Intellivison game. Shoot the attack waves of different aliens
WAtomic – The KDE puzzler KAtomic cloned for windows
Armagetron Advanced – The continuation of the classic Light Cycle update. Still active (Win/Mac/Linux)
X-Moto – Great physics based 2D motocross game. Still very active (Win/Mac/Linux)
Castle Adventure – Search-maze-kill-monsters-get-treasure game based on an old text adventure
Amidar – 3D take on Amidar from Brian Postma who brought us Breakout 3D. Lots of others too
Magic Feeling 2 – Hunt the download time again for this Puyo Puyo remake

Daves Day Out – Arcade platformer. Eleven on the retro scale
Stix – Qix remake
Pengo – Remake of the ice block pusher
Gridrunner – The classic retro shooter
Take Two – The Caffeine Kid brings us Shisen-Sho, the Mahjong solitaire style board puzzle (Win/Mac)
Blondie Goes On A Date – Dress up Barbie in this parody remake
Typing Invaders – Save the world whilst learning to type
10 Finger Breakout – Quote “This is no fake – you are playing BreakOut !”. I’m sold
Monadius – Nice take on the horz shooter Gradius with vector gfx
Vectrex Thrust – Thrust for the Vectrex. Awesome stuff
Roland in Time Enhanced – Another platformer gets the Musti treatment
Zarch – Linux version of the Archimedes classic a.k.a. Virus

Zork – Online PHP version of the text adventure
Cholo – Ovine bring us an updated remake of the 3D BBC classic. Complete with its own website
Pile Up – Columns remake
Rocks’n’Diamonds – Great Boulderdash game with level packs. Still very much active (Win/Mac/Linux)
bitBull Games – Online Java versions of Scramble, Asteroids, Sinistar, Pacman and more!
Sokoban: Armageddon – Over 1000 levels of Sokoban. Can you handle it?
Rick Dangerous – The Indie (as in Jones) style platformer done in Flash

Crazy Bumpa – Guide the bouncing ball through the crazy maze puzzler
TSteroids – An asteroids that manages to be different? Inconceivable!
Pooz – Remake of the puzzler Zoop, but for the Atari ST!
Battlezone – Online Java version done in 32 hours
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy – Towels at the ready in this online version of the text adventure
Stop the Express – Lovely take on the Spectrum run-along-the-train-game. Don’t try this for real kids!
Hitblock – Endurion uses his talents to give us Crillion the arcade puzzler
Godpey – Remake of Gunpey, an Arcade puzzler for the Wonderswan. This ones for the Atari ST
Namihey – Another Gunpey remake, but for the GBC
Black Cauldron – Remake of the adventure game based on the Disney film
Exolon DX – Nice remake of the Spectrum platform shooter
Strange Attractors – OneKey gravity game. Collect the gems in this little gem of a game