From The Vault: 2003

Marble And MadnessThere is a reason we’re doing these, honest. It’ll all become clear soon. Hopefully!

Anyway, with the fine assistance of RR forumite and fellow L4D zombie shooting lunatic, Tam Toucan we’re back with probably our biggest list from the vault yet. There’s a little under 100 games in this list, so plenty to keep you on your toes.

Tam has been tirelessly working away at collecting all the active links together and he’s done an absolute sterling job even if I say so myself. A big round of applause for the good doctorate of LSD, please.

Hit the jump for game-o-geddon and we’ll hand you over to Tam.

Marble and Madness – Marble Madness style game
Shadow of the Beast – French page, looks like a demo only
Imogen – A class puzzler/platform from the School of Ovine
Head over heels – The classic isometric arcade adventure
Thrust – One of the original gravity-ship based games
Nuclear Nibble 3D – Snake in 3D!
Countdown – Yes, the TV word and number game
domo kun: angry smashfest – Strange flash game
Oddspace – Multiplayer aster**** type game (You need someone to play with)
MDDClone – Mercenary I,II and III! I there full 3D goodness
Atomic Tanks – Scorched Earth type game. Still alive!
Mine Thread – Mined Out remake by Geekay (yes music AND remakes. Sickening)
Highway Pursuit – 3D Top down road shooter
Hoverball – 3D futuristic football game

Argonaut – Spiffy graphics aster**** with powerups (for the Mac only)
Hunt for Gold – Java based RTS Pirate game
Easy Tank Commbat – The 2600 classic in 3D and networked!
Project Xenocide – XCom: UFO Defense remake. Still going strong!
Fred – The classic speccy maze adventure. Lovingly remade by the prolific PeeJay
Prince of Persia – Remade in flash. A very nice looking it is too.
Booty – Spectrum game remake. Search the ship and find the booty (gold that is)
Kokotoni Wilf – Koko-toni-doo! It’s flying Spectrum platformer
Bombomann – Bomberman.
Snake Attack 3D – A strangely named 3D multiplayer shooter
Pirates – Battleships if that floats your boat.
Gradius, LodeRunner,… – A baker’s half dozen of Java and VRML games
Jumpman – Always popular for a remake
Apricots – Fruitly named scramble-esk/blitz type game
Timebomb – Remake of Timebomb for the Speccy (clone of the arcade classic Check-man)

X-Force: Fight For Destiny – Another XCom remake that’s still going
Tower Toppler – Cool platform jumper remake.
Sonic Robo Blast 2 – It’s Sonic. It’s 3D. It’s like a spikey Duracell bunny that just keeps going.
Technician Ted Remixed – Remaking since the dawn of the internet Musti brings you a remix of the Spectrum platformer
XArchon – Archon for those who like their windows X flavoured
Marion – There maybe a Puyo Puyo remake somewhere in all this Japanese. I’m not clicking to find out
SolarWolf – SolarFox remake by the guy who brought us pygame. Both alive and well and available at your local internet

Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch v1.2 – Free range homage to the great retro platformer.
pAc32k – Pacman in 27k by a German duo known as Crew99
Space Quest – Chapter 0: Replicated – 25 times the size of Pacman, but then Pacman wasn’t a graphical adventure
Slot Racers – Atari 2600 Slot Racers reproduced in full retro detail (Friend within touching distance required to play. Not included)
Pyjamarama – The colour clash classic without the clash and updated graphics.
Wings of Fury – Side scrolling plane shooter
Kung Fu Master – Flash version of the jump/kick/waggler with graphics that suggest it’s in school?
Pyjamarama – Must have been something in the water…This ones a demo
Bobble Puzzle – Bust-a-move style game for 1 or 2 players
Halls of the Things – Remake of fast, frantic Spectrum maze shooter
Jungle Trouble – Another Spectrum remake
Flash games – A metric ton of flash games. Q-Beart (Q-Bert), LawnPac (Lawnmower Sim), Pang2001 (Pang), Ryu (Puzzle Bobble) and Mian Miam (Nibbly Nibble) and many more
Starflight: Alternate Universe – An ex-WIP of the space rpg-shooter that started the series
Aussie Defence Squad – XCom with kangeroos (may not be true)
Frogger Mambo – Find out why the Peruvian frogs crossed the road
Punq, the Flea – Bugaboo on Windows, Linux PDA and Mobile Phone. It’s an infestation!
Deli Dash – An online multiplayer columns style game
JAWC – 3D Worms
3D Snake – 3D Snake from the creator of JAWC

Girdlock – Megapanel remake from the Megadrive. Sliding puzzle meets columns type game.
ISketch – Online Pictionary (board games are retro right?)
War of the Solstice – Lords of Midnight remade in sumptuous 3D
Tokkobot DX – Lemmings meets Tetris in this interesting puzzler
Jetpac – Solar Crisis – You heard of this from the Xbox right? Well apparently there was a Spectrum version first
Pathalogical – Remake of the puzzler Logical by Rainbow Arts
Super Slot Racers – The Atari 2600 racing game, but in 3D
Magic Racer – Micro Machines style racing game
Carrier2 – Lovely Carrier Command remake still actively developed
Tempest 1000 – Online Java version of Tempest
Double – Online remake of the addictive arcade puzzler Loopz
Amju – Another arcade puzzler, Chu Chu Rocket remake in 3D
Necrotech – Lazer Squad RPG done in the style of of Doom
Barbarian – The sword slashing classic, and recently updated.
TV Station Tycoon – Run your own TV station in this MadTV remake
La Abadia Del Crimen – It’s isometric. Possibly RPG-ish. Definately foreign.
Castle Combat – Ramparts remake
Magical Feeling – Play hunt the download link for this Columns & Puyo/Puyo hybrid.
Glizda – Nibbler clone, but with a puzzle element
Pac Horror – Pacman with horror graphics
Krystal Drop – NeoGeo puzzler Magical Drop remake

X and O Football – American Football. Remake of Atari Football.
Fuel Depot 3D – 3D shooter based on RipOff. Author has recently done a new version for the 360.
Metroid Redemption – Metroid clone. Site has a load of other games.
Bo Tetris – Tetris. If you have incredibly-large-font-trouble the download is here
Super Mario Pac – JetPac with Mario Bros gfx. From the 2008 IGF finalist Matt Verran.
Molecule Man – Remake of the 3D Spectrum maze game by….the original author. Cool!

Girls From The Block – 3D Sokoban with Anime girls instead of blocks
Quazatron – The Spectrum version of Paradroid. Remade in full on 3D.
Defense Command – Missile Command done by Kryten. Check out the others on his site.
Poing – Breakout with a twist..(of lemon?)