2008 Competition Results: (6:We Like It Retro)

cat6-icon[Wife off work on holiday, late submission of a few reviews, laziness. The excuses are endless but finally we have the final category results today, and I hope you will enjoy the games and the reviews. After these are set free into the world I guess the only thing left (before I start contacting our wonderful sponsors) is to compile a master list of the games and their positions. Oh, mustn’t forget the Judge’s prizes too – they will also be released  this week, unless they aren’t. Keep watching the skies.]

We like it retro? We certainly blooming well do! First things first, before we get to the meat of this post we have the nutritious prize list and sponsor links. The prizes this year (well last year technically, I guess)  really have been mouth-watering I hope you will agree. Tuck in!

Hydra Game Development Kit from XGamestation
1x DeleD 3d Editor Pro
1x Pro Motion 6 Download Version
1x Copy Of Hamsterball/Haphazard
1x Copy of Bullet Candy
1x Dance Mat Pack
1x Acekard
1x Axialis Icon Workshop
1x Addictive 247 Game Pack
1x Zombie Cow Studio’s Game Pack

There were nine games entered into this section of the competition and on the following pages is a count down of their placings along with download links, some pretty pictures, and of course the reviews that our judges have forged in steel over the last couple of months. Get them while they are hot.