2008 Competition Results: (5:8-Bit Mash Up)

cat5-icon[I know I was supposed to be posting this yesterday but it was pancake day and well, enough said. I was busy enjoy the batch of batter my wife had whipped up for me. Yummy. But today is another day, a pancake-less one unfortunately, and after being reminded semi-subtly in irc by someone who shall remain nameless I’m back on the case. Time for us to mash up some games and see what the bastardised offspring looks like, and if it is just a mutant that needs putting down, or something greater than the sum of its parts]

Before we get to the reviews it’s traditional at this point to list the prizes for this category and poke and prod you into visiting our illustrious sponsors. Here are the Category 5 prizes, and consider yourself well and truly poked.

£150 cash from Click-Team
1x DeleD 3d Editor Pro
1x Pro Motion 6 Download Version
1x Copy Of Hamsterball/Haphazard
1x Copy of Bullet Candy
1x Dance Mat Pack
1x Acekard
1x Axialis Icon Workshop
1x Addictive 247 Game Pack
1x Zombie Cow Studio’s Game Pack

With that important job out of the way we can move along to what you really want to see, even if it is sometimes through your fingers while hiding behind the sofa: The reviews. Let the combat commence.