Pac Man Physics

Pac Man Physics Retro RemakeI know, you thought one Pac Man post a day is more than enough, right? How could I pass up the chance to post about Pac Man Physics? A game that mixes Pac Man with…errr…physics, funnily enough.

Yes, that’s right – the salvation of the modern developer has obviously reached critical mass when something isn’t just used for flinging bits of debris in your face or powering the latest, greatest Asteroids clone in glorious one colour-madeinflashovision (although these days, I should really be replacing that with MadeInXNAOVision) but has finally come face to face with videogames first true hero, the yellow pizza slice fellow Pacman.

Woo and indeed yay.

Sadly, we were unable to confirm as to whether you can shoot the ghosts. Thanks Tim.