Planitia Multiplayer


Do you know Peter? Not the Peter Molly knew, a different one. Well Peter starts with the letter P, so does Planitia which is a remake of Populous. Fancy that.

If you like being beaten up by little girls or if you just like multiplayer god games then give this a little whirl and see how you get along with it.

If you don’t understand the reference to being beaten up by little girls then watch the following video and see the game in action.

Less talk, more volcanoes.

Official site ahoy.

Retro Remakes forum.

2 thoughts on “Planitia Multiplayer

  1. Well, I guess I better get that multiplayer demo finished, huh? Right now I’m just trying to make it easier for players to connect to the game (not have to type in an IP, etc).

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