• http://www.merseyremakes.co.uk/gibber oddbob

    “ugly French blokes with the hump”

    Where is Flynn anyway? *runs*

  • http://www.notsoftgames.com/C64/c64.htm bignobody

    “all good 8-bit computers (And the Commodore 64)”

    Oi! Watch it! I can overlook your insult to the French, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand idly by and let you talk trash about the Commodore 64!

  • The Anonymous Anonymous

    “Quasi, invented by Disney in 1996, was a orphan child, brought up in the grounds of the great Notre Dame Cathedral by the evil Frollo”

    Have you had a look at the online fandom that grew up around that Disney movie? Three words: Frollo-related porn. *shudder*

  • flynn

    Bob, you twunt ;)

  • http://www.merseyremakes.co.uk/gibber oddbob

    You love me really ;)