When you think of Paris you think of The Eiffel Tower, The Seine weaving past, you think of The Champs Elysees, The Arc du Triomphe and, ultimatly, you think of ugly French blokes with the hump (Careful – Ed).

I speak, of course, of the old bell ringer of Notre Dame himself, Quasimodo.

Quasi, invented by Disney in 1996, was a orphan child, brought up in the grounds of the great Notre Dame Cathedral by the evil Frollo and later found fame fronting hip pop combo Simply Red.

Being the clever chaps they are, Synapse created a tie in movie game 12 years before for all good 8-bit computers (And the Commodore 64) and now, 24 years later (depressing, isn’t it – the time span, not the game…) JMGandalf has released a WIP demo of the first screen of his remake.

Now, obvioulsy Hunchback was a much more famous and popular game than this, but as I think we all know, popular != betterer. This game has it’s own little quirks that will keep even the most ardent Hunchback fan happy.

This is, from first screen impressions, gonna be a fun little game.

At the moment your only task is to pick up barrels and hurl them at the onslaught of archers who, in turn, are unleashing a veritable Bob-fest of missiles in your direction. There’s no scoring and no progression here, but there is a lot of arrow dodging barrel throwing goodness to be had.


JMGandalf promises rope swinging and bell rining a gogo in the finished game, but I’m SURE he’d love to hear what you think of it so far…… Go-on, you know you want to……..

And I even got to the end without doing the Quasidildo joke…. I’m good me!

The Bells!!!!!!!! They make me download…

So pop-along-a-here and grab the demo

And speaketh thy words VERY LOUDLY on the forum thread