• female

    Scary game..
    scarier evan, you got it up and commented..
    scary brains you’ve got nerds..

  • female

    Scary game..
    scarier even, you got it up and commented..
    scary brains you’ve got nerds..

  • The Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear Lord, it looks like more than the graphics were overhauled, I don’t remember bukkake in the original… and the arrows, where are the arrows? I seem to remember Custer had to survive a field of arrows?

  • http://www.carnivac.co.uk Carn

    ‘Where are the arrows?’ They’re there. I just had a quick go on the game and there are definitely lots of arrows coming down. There’s one (and a bit of one I think) on the screenshot above too.

  • http://www.force18.co.uk Andrew

    The funny thing is that this is is a pretty decent remake of a very notorious game. I’ve never played the original game, only read about it, so I had to have a quick go. Far better than the original deserves!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot get the game to run properly. An error message of:

    “The specified device is not open or is not recognized by MCI”

    keeps popping up.

  • Kim

    If you feel the game is “not a game for the faint of heart, partly because of the subject matter but mostly because it was a terrible terrible game” then you are more out of touch then the makers of that crap. Native American woman have been sexually violated and mutilated throughout colonial history, to say the least. And to see this subject matter as less significant than the production quality of the game is sad. I understand the educational system has never taught an accurate account of the Native American history. So I suggest you put down your controller and pick up a book. One in particular is Conquest, Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide.

  • relax

    It’s a simple, funny game, that no one could ever take seriously as an example of history to apply to our future.