“Pack o’ Six”. It’s how you buy beer. Beer is part of what makes the human race great. It’s refreshing, cheap(ish) and gives the mind a way out of the normal day to day grind.
Pacozyx, on the other hand, does NOT contain beer.

It’s quite a simple game that combines the elements of a few retro stables. If you can imagine Pacman mixed with The Three Little Pigs, Bob the Builder and, lest we forget, Zzyzzyxx, then you get something like Pacozyx. Mind you, if you can imagine Pacman, The Three Little Pigs, Bob The Builder and Zzyzzyxx all mashed together then it’s probably you that contains beer, and lots of it!
Adder, I have no doubt, was in a perfectly clear state of mind when the idea of a game featuring our little yellow hero and his ghostly buddies but in a very different situation than the norm popped into his brain (well, into the IRC channel he was on anyway). Half a day later (in dev hours anyway) and we now have version 1.1 of a cracking little remake.

The idea is to guide Paccy through the moving maze collecting bricks to rebuild his house at the top of the screen. The normal Pacman rules apply, avoid the ghosts, they be deadly. The exception to this rule is, of course, when you’re a chompin’ the Pac-Pill.
There is a huge amount to reccomend this game, some great sound effects, cute graphics (with the promise of updated graphics to come) and addictive game play.
Once you’ve tried it you’ll want it again and again….
A bit like beer really.

Pint me in the right direction

Go play the game
Pac it in and hit the thread