• http://www.aol.com Roger E. Thompson

    Is there a way to play this game WITHOUT having to use Direct X8? Not EVERYBODY has ‘Top-of-the-line’ graphics cards, y’know!

  • Adder

    Roger: No, sorry. Only WinXP/Vista with DX8 compatible GFX card. Everyone doesn’t have it, but I think that most people do.

  • http://www.spraydough.co.uk Spraydough

    Now, on the off chance that you are being in the slightest bit serious Roger……
    I think DX8 is pretty much a given on 99% of windows PCs now-a-days. The liklihood is if your card can’t handle DX8 then you really ought think about upgrading to something slightly larger than that 8Mb Rage Pro.

  • http://www.tcksoft.co.uk/ The Caffeine Kid

    His name links back to AOL. Say no more. LOL

    Seriously though if you have a PC that’s less than half a dozen years old it should be DX8 capable.

    We might like our classic games but you have to move with the times DX8 is still full two iterations behind the current version.

    Install DX8 or 9 or you are going to miss out on a lot of entertainment (or probably already are) not just this game.

  • BastetFurry

    What are you using?
    Even an old TNT2 can be used under DX8, and thats realy old.
    Do you still have a 486 with VesaLocalBus?

  • Adder

    In fact, we are all envy. Roger have machine that doesn’t need any remakes. He can run every old game as it is :-)