Do you like it hard? Oh, I do hope you do.

With mega thanks to Heavy Stylus of RGCD fame for giving me a nudge and a prod this afternoon after Thrustburst completely slipped my mind despite being absolutely brilliant stuff, may I gently point you in the direction of the debut release from Umlaut Games?

A brutally hard remake of BdR’s Urthwurm (which is in turn a remake of SFCave – lost yet?) that adds so much more to the formula and proves that there’s life in the old “flying through a cave” concept yet. As I say though, I really can’t warn you enough about what a brutal little beast this is – yet gloriously, it’s never unfair. Well, unless you count the end… but I won’t spoil it too much, it’s fun enough just trying to get there.


A special mention should go to the rather fantastic pixel work by Ptoing also, it adds a lovely extra layer of polish to an already rather shiny game.

Download and Play:

Thrustburst from Umlaut Games

Urthwurm (DOS) from BdR

SFCave where it all began