Rocks! Rocks! I love rocks, they’re just so wonderfully rocky. No, sorry – I’m getting confused with Motorhead again. My sincerest apologies. However, for those of a more destructive geological bent we bring news of a game that involves… wait for it… rocks. Sadly, when I nipped in for a quick play through or 4 there was scant in the way of Jack Daniels to be found. Disappointing.

Detritus isn’t in fact some bizarre geological expedition simulator (I know, you weren’t really expecting it to be but I can dream!) but is in fact Asteroids gone third person 3d. A bit like Tomb Raider but with no tombs, no tits and no rocks. Hang on… wait, not like Tomb Raider at all but it does have rocks. Sorry. I don’t think the drugs are working today *twitch*.

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure that it actually works as a concept, or perhaps it is just me being a little on the spack handed side. It seems to be that the game controls would be far more suited to a spinner than the ones currently in place. Fair play though, I love the Tintin style rocket. I wish more games had Tintin style rockets. Actually, I wish every game had Tintin style rockets. This cumbersome space monolith thing that keeps cropping up is boring.

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