Ah! The classics. We were brought up on them, let’s face it, we owe our very gaming existence to them, but how often do we pay homage to the eh? How often do we get a Space Invaders clone through the door? Blue moons, that’s when. What about Pacman? It’s a rarity, admit it. Tetris? Actually……..

The point here is that the absolute bread and butter of the retro gaming world still do, and will probably always, need dusting off occasionaly and re-presenting to the world at large and that’s just what Genki has done with his Asteroids remake.

I’ll not attempt to insult anyone here by explaining the basics of Asteroids, but this is a little bit more than just a clone. Genki has put little extras in for those skillful enough with a laser to take advantage of including shields, 1ups and the like. You can even track how much betterer you are at it than me with it’s online high-score table

Come on the Sprayster!!!!!

The game is played on your browser of choice in Java (It’s gettin’ popular innit?) and goes right back to the very origins of the game visually. Genki has taken a little Java practice project and turned it into something a bit special. What’s more, he’s actively improving it based on forum members feedback, we all love a bit of feedback, don’t we? Go see what all the fuss is about…..


Play it online
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