Fast Manic

The famous Miner Willy isn’t staying off the chocolate for Ramadan, he’s running and jumping around some bite-sized levels.

Fast Manic

Yay. There’s a bird on top of my willy!

If you like Willy and you like your gaming short and quick then go check out Fast Manic by Musti and Gigatron.

Luckily enough, with my tardiness in posting this news item, a new v1.01 has just been released that fixes a bug with lives, and also alters the controls so they are easier for people who don’t have AZERTY keyboards.

  • Sokurah

    >Yay. There’s a bird on top of my willy!

    LOL…you live for this, don’t you? ;)

  • DarkFalzX

    This sounded like an awesome idea.. until I played it. Not only that this is super-sloppily programmed, Willy doesn’t control like himself at all! The speed is completely off (and no just “faster”), the collision is crappy, and the level design isn’t always fun. This almost inspires me to make a Manic Miner game.

  • The Caffeine Kid

    You should contact the author with your feedback. I’m sure he will be interested in any ideas you have to improve things.