Just a pair …

Last years Retro Remake Competition seemed to entice a lot of pre-registrants, over two third’s of whose games never saw the light of day. One of the more impressive looking ones was Orc Attack by Jim Riley.

I am pleased to reveal that Jim didn’t give up after missing the deadline and has taken the time since to soup up the remake with better graphics/sounds. It’s quite a fun game lobbing hot oil at Orcs but does get just a little tough.

Hot on the heels of Frank’N’Stein that coding wizard Gilby has released his remake of Epic’s Light Heart, cunningly entitled Light Heart 2005, with music by the ever impressive Rockfistus. Never having played the original I was well impressed by what is really a single screen Boulderdash type challenge. The levels get tougher and tougher tho so don’t say I didn’t warn you !!