Whinge, whinge 2 ….

Eugene Esterly III (is that the Ali G way of saying it?) has been busy finding a few remakes for consoles, amongst them are: A homebrew 1942 for the GBA, and also for the PSX2 we have Space Invaders and Pong. And back to Win32 for a final link, Extreme Commando is a remake of, yes you guessed it … Commando.

Steve Langley has pointed me in the direction of remakes for the IPOD … yes you read correctly ! Old Spectrum type text adventures such as Colour of Magic, but then this is the tip of the iceberg cos there’s loads of Ipod downloads to view.

Back when I bought my Atari ST (£399 full price!) it came with a version of Bombjack. I’d never played it til this point because it was boring to look at and not really worth my 10p. Once I got down to playing the ST version tho I became seriously addicted. Now we have a new remake to drool over in the shape of Bombjack by Epyx, forum members are raving over it.

Want a head wrecking retro game ? How about XYZ-Bert, a remake of Q-Bert, but in FULL 3D. Instead of one face of the pyramid to re-colour you have a full 3D 4-sided one in this fiendishly addictive Shockwave remake !!

Anyone up for a spot of R-Type, looking at the pics this remake from Mikel Naegele looks a bit odd but having not been able to play it yet I am not really qualified to pass comment. One to keep a watch out for tho !

Laszlo Jozsef mailed us to tell us about his Bomberman remake, the odds are you will get a 404, the site does exist tho cos I have loaded it once or twice. Seems to suffer the same fate as Gilby’s .hu sites tho !

Does Minesweeper count as retro these days? Well if it does then Planet Minesweeper is your one stop shop for remakes of it.

Now maybe those people that wanted to moan about the lack of news will get off my back. Ohh and take a good look at the news post because I don’t see any remakes by the moaners ? Do you ??