Good evening my small furry fellows. Having sprawled my sack upon the floor and rummaged through it, I bring you news. Fresh from the fridge and ready for you to stick your spoon into and taste. Bon appetite!

Well, fenix-me-do! First up from this cherry coated batch is a remake of Opera Soft’s Goody. At the moment, the game is in Spanish with English instructions to be found bundled in. For those who don’t fancy taking the plunge just yet for fear of being overwhelmed by the Spanish, its quite playable at the moment – but an English version is due soon.

Well, strap me down and fiddle with my elbow, whilst we’re on the topic of Spanish remakes – the Mac OS X version of the excellent Pyjamarama remake has arrived. Obvioualy until someone donates a Mac to the Bob Remaking Fund I’m unable to test it, however – the PC version was an excellent conversion of a game I spent eons on when but a wee sprog in short trousers. Like the Goody Remake it can also be found over at Remakes Zone. Its lovely to hear of more remakes being developed for the Mac, as there’s quite a shortage in our list. Once again – if you’re developing a remake for the Mac or know of one we don’t have listed, drop me a line please. I’d love to hear about it.

Fly me to the stars! Its a potential Jetpac remake in 3d. Not a lot to see at the moment other than a sneak preview – but for the eternally curious amongst you, nip on over to D-Grafix homepage and open your eyes to the third dimension. Careful not to trip on the wormholes on the way in,k.

You want more? I got more! But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for it, because I’m a cruel and harsh mistress.

In the meantime, enjoy your fiddle and don’t break anything.