Sabatical …..

Due to work commitments Flynn is going to be taking a “back seat” around here for a while, although he will still be on IRC and the forum from time to time.

His input will be sorely missed but life sometimes has to come before Retro Remakes, and the site wouldn’t be what it has become today without his help. We wouldn’t have the remakes list for starters, but have no fear as he will still be responsible for the updating of that, if only so the rest of us don’t break it !!

As for the competition, where Flynn was to be 25% of the reviewing team, there has been a slight change. We will be taking the reviews that Flynn has done so far and STompy will be stepping in to review the remainder. So some will be in Engrish and some in Yokel Local dialect.

Once the pressure of work has died down Flynn has promised to review the situation, it doesn’t mean he is leaving the team, simply that he is on sabatical until further notice :)